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May 25, 2023

Worst school in East Dunbartonshire

This school makes no sense. The teachers and staff don’t seem to actually care about the pupils. Why work with children if you don’t want to help them? Students with DIAGNOSED anxiety are refused help and told that there is nothing wrong with them. Like excuse me? Are you a doctor? Didn’t think so. One teacher in particular belittled a pupil and screamed and shouted in this pupil’s face about how they don’t have anxiety and they’re not having a panic attack. This continued until the pupil was hyperventilating and couldn’t think. That same teacher then made a remark along the lines of “See now you’re having a panic attack”. A pupil also opened up about extreme issues at home, and what did the school do? Absolutely nothing. Since there were no clear marks on the pupil, it was dismissed. Hardly any of the teachers seem to care about the wellbeing of the pupils. There are probably only a few teachers I can think of off the top of my head who genuinely want to help the pupils.
May 25, 2023

This school is awful

The system at this school makes entirely no sense. Students with DIAGNOSED anxiety were told there was nothing wrong with them. Like excuse me? Are you a doctor? Didn’t think so. A student also opened up about extreme issues at home and the school did nothing about it. They’re absolutely useless. Only a select few teachers seem to actually care about the wellbeing of the pupils. One department was offering extra support during SL blocks yet turned pupils who received Ds in the prelim away because they weren’t failing enough. Some pupils may need extra accommodation and the school completely ignore it. I’ve had a teacher belittle me for not wanting to go to class for being anxious and having a panic attack. They refused to let me get a breath in and continuously shouted at me till I was hyperventilating and proceeded to make a remark along the lines of “See now you’re having a panic attack”. This same teacher continued to compare me to his wife claiming that he had to take her to the hospital because of panic attacks in the past. Again, alright but she isn’t me. People experience anxiety and panic attacks on all different levels. One person’s experience isn’t going to be the same for another person. It’s rare to see teachers trying to do something for a pupil’s benefit. Yes, it is just their job but why would you work with children if you don’t want to help them?
Apr 10, 2021

i hate school

Probably about 2.5 stars but yk. So many teachers are transphobic, homophobic etc. and i know it’s a religious school but making students do re all 6 years of high school is honestly just bad and pointless. they don’t care about your mental health in any way, they act like they do but just ask how we are then like on the homework or pressure and move on. they also banned phones. what i think they don’t realise is that people, including me, don’t fee comfortable talking to people for too long and use things on their phone to bring up new conversation. i get bad things happened but taking away phones doesn’t help the situation, educate people. no one stops using their phone anyway so stop taking away comforting things for students
Sep 24, 2020

St Ninnians High School

They do not handle bullying well at all when allegations come out they think about their reputation more than anything else it’s a joke. They’re also very hypocritical and say that if we wear revealing clothes “it attracts male teachers.” They put all the work online but they say we can’t go on our phones at anytime during school so if we needed to access the work in school for what ever reason we can’t. The WiFi for anything we access on laptops for school is shockingly bad to the point we log in and by the time Google search is working the block is done and we’ve accomplished nothing. The bullying in this school never gets noticed neither does the mental health. Bullying gets swept under the carpet and never gets dealt with the correct way and results in the pupils trying to handle it there self because they feel something will then be done I.e fighting, arguing etc... something more needs to be done
Sep 22, 2020

Bad school

My child was bullied here and school did nothing about it
Sep 6, 2020

Really Good

Really love the school the teachers are really nice
Aug 29, 2020

Horrible school

This school is horrible no 2 ways about it
Bellfield Road, G66 1DT, Kirkintilloch
0141 955 2386

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