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Former Student
Jun 4, 2023


Rubbish school, rubbish teachers, entitled pupils. wouldn’t send my worst enemy there even though most of them already go there. Only 2 good teachers in that building , Mr Young and Miss Daly.
Apr 20, 2023


I don’t like teachers but I’m going back in to school 🏫 to do some more work so I’m not sure what I’m doing today I just
Mar 28, 2022

the harassment at this school is staggering

i know its the kids doing it but the school needs to take more steps in penalising the guys that think its funny to say sexual things to women in the corridors. i would say i dont go one week without being harassed in some way wether thats people being gross and even moaning at me or people physically harassing me (multiple girls including me have been touched inappropriately wether this being people pretending to fall on me while hugging me to being touched in the lunch queue). The school needs to take action.
Mar 28, 2022

this school is full of harrassement

i know that its the kids that do it but the school should be taking more steps to prevent the harassment that women receive on the daily. I would say i dont go one week without having gross things said to me in the corridors. Not to mention, people moaning at me or pretending to fall onto me. Our pshe classes are mostly useless and should be used to highlight these issues and penalise the men that do it. This contributes to why i hate coming to school now.
Jan 9, 2022


aren’t allowed to wear hoodies so freezing all the time
Oct 29, 2021


Good school academic wise, but the pressure on students to get all As is so overwhelming and their mental health support is nonexistent (they will say all the talks in pshe give good advice but it doesn’t help one bit). Also a sense of entitlement which is to be expected as loads of the people are pretty wealthy. Massive focus on religion, becomes pretty annoying when we’re constantly being asked to go to mass and other religious groups. It’s a good school but it has its challenges just like all other schools.
Former Student
Mar 18, 2021


had the worst experience with the school especially the teachers that made it a living hell. looks like a prison from the outside. wouldn’t dare to send my kids. they do t care about the kids, just the grades
Feb 5, 2021

It’s okay

Staff are generally really lovely and help you learn but a lot of the students aren’t very friendly which is such a shame.
Oct 29, 2020

Fantastic school

St Ninians truly is amazing.
Sep 15, 2020

Bad school

No Covid19 plan in place and no face masks it is disgraceful
Eastwood Park, G46 6UG, Rouken Glen Road
0141 577 2000

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