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Jul 30, 2023

Draconian attitudes, poor practice

Lots of systemic issues in this school. Most practices are outdated, and the school does not utilise external resources available via the local authority and non-profit organisations if it does not fit their draconian standards of a ‘religious education’, thus, all of the support the school provides is totally internal—on paper, it appears excellent, but without external support, cover-ups are inevitable. Hence, teachers are not held accountable for homophobic, racist or any other form of prejudiced behaviour and malpractices around students are kept well-hidden. If this school wishes to remain inclusive to the young people it serves, it’s imperative that it adapts to the needs and attitudes of current times.
Sep 5, 2021

Stupid Rules.

This school gets you good grades. There’s lots of things to get involved in and theyre always pushing you to do new things. It’s just very old-fashioned. They have lots of very stupid rules that have no reasoning behind them. Stuff like boy’s hair has to be above their collar, but can’t be too short. Someone I know got a fade, and was in community service until it grew out. The school puts teachers and prefects on the train to stop you from going on your phone on the train home. But how does that affect the school in any way? Also, they punish you very harshly for little things, and refuse to listen to your argument. I have been wrongly accused of things many times. Also, lots of the staff are racist or homophobic but lots also aren’t. I just think they need to look at all of their rules, and think ‘is this really necessary?’. Also i recommend looking at other reviews on here as they cover lots of other problems about the school as well.
Sep 2, 2021

Good school, does force you to work hard

I think this school is very good and most people come out with it with good grades, but they do make you work extremely hard especially in the first year, which can be quite stressful. The school also doesn’t handle bullying very well and appears to turn a blind eye to it. I also think rules on hair should be changed. But in the end the school does come out with good results.
Former Student
Jan 17, 2021

enforces the bible as if it’s the truth

Most of the bright children end up leaving because of the way the school is run. They enforce religion in the most ridiculous way. Ridden with ableism, racism and homophobia, covered over with the excuse “it’s what the bible says”. Mrs Bligh is insane. The RE department teach students that the use of contraception is a sin and therefore promoting unsafe sex. Headteacher refuses to take any criticism and acts completely clueless to anything that goes ok within the school, the place needs new head staff and a new approach to teaching children.
Dec 27, 2020

Good grades. Bad mental state.

Thus school gets you working hard. Very hard. From the minute you begin in year 7 until you finish you GCSEs you will be worked harder than ever. For some people this works and they do get very good GCSE results. However, people who can't take lots of pressure due to mental illness or even just because they struggle, it is hell. The school's punishment methods are outdated. If you are being bullied or have an undiagnosed mental illness or are struggling you will receive no help. Homophobic and racist teachers (not all of them are but too many are).

Overall, you will get good grades at the cost of your mental wellbeing.
Former Student
Dec 18, 2020

Good grades, poor mental health

You can guarantee to come out the school with good grades however also mental illness. The teachers give you intense amount of pressure and are strict on uniform and presentation however when it comes to mental health and bullying they take the wrong approach. Some teachers were very supportive however others were awful. There is many outdated rules like gender specific uniform, which isn't suitable for trans or non binary members of community. If you need to be pushed then the school is good but if you struggle with mental health then this school won't help you at all.
Aug 23, 2020

unfair school

have some decent memories from this school however, the memories were made by the pupils. the teaches are ridiculous with punishment and if your getting told off for something you can’t argue your point, even if your being treated unfairly, some teachers are complete idiots, such as mr campbell who is racist and homophobic, however there are other teachers, such as mr padgham who is one of the nicest people i’ve ever met.

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