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Bad Pastoral Care

Former Student · January 11, 2021
Former Student · January 11, 2021
Going to this school led to my eating disorder, hospitalisation and now being homeschooled. Although my experience wasn’t universal is was bad. I’m not sure if this has improved since, but the pastoral care I received in 2018 was very limited. If you have good grades and behaviour it is very hard to get attention and help. Would not recommend this school for anyone who may require pastoral help (even it the most basic sense).

Steyning grammar school

Student · January 5, 2021
Student · January 5, 2021
Steyning has been good but when I was in year 7 last year a staff member pushed me away from the science room I also had a maths teacher as I was on red report card he Automatically gave me a 0/5 as u put my hand up for help and I’m Spanish teacher referred me from my lesson because I wasn’t reading then when she took me to the room she said to my class don’t end out like Amy (not my real name) my intervention teacher referred me for asking if. I could go back to my original lesson she said yes and my head of year came up to me and said u got detention I said what for i was generally confused and he said for walking out of lesson I explained that she said I could leave he said that’s not what she said and I said I’m not going as I was in the canteen every single year 8 student heard him say if u don’t go u will be Excluded for a week so I yelled back at him u can’t do that as I’m a student with anger issues and adhd they do not support u in anyway

The most terrifying experience of my life.

Former Student · October 11, 2020
Former Student · October 11, 2020
I have been here since year 7 and now ive finished school there
I was physically punished and abused along with sexual onslaught by teachers
Pupils would laugh at me for not having genitals in the changing room and everyone was racist, (i am a colour off the spectrum) people would also critisize my gender saying that i was queer and gay and they beat me in the toilets at break, there were feces all over the walls (not always great clumps but there would be bits) i often found myself being fondled by women but i did not enjoy it at all.
Food and meals would have pubic hair and other peoples saliva.
Everyone there was racist and misogynistic. They were all white.
Overall my experience there was tragic and terrifying.
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