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May 11, 2023

Absolutely disgusting

this is a vile school full of dramatic and violent children that bully, fight and verbally abuse students and teachers. Also the teachers do not care about their students all they care about is there attendance and they do not help with mental health and councellors give up on students. Absolutely vile do not recommend this rubbish school.
Former Student
Jul 17, 2021

Bad at handling students with Needs (Part 2)

At the beginning of the year I made a review about my experience at this school but there are a few other stuff I needed to mention which I didn’t:

First of all, the school basically just brag that they’re “the best school” just because they’re the smallest in Dorset.

I’ve talked about my experience as a former student on the autism spectrum already but I’ll say it again, some of the teachers are really uneducated on understanding students with any kind of learning disability. If you’re a teacher and can’t accept the fact that some students will struggle a lot more than others, don’t become a teacher in the first place!

Just before I moved schools, my parents also confronted the head of year about how unhappy I was in PE and how the PE teacher is letting people pick their partners (there was an odd number in our group and it was always me) and also wasn’t helping me when it came to doing the sports which I’m not very good at. The head of year replied to my OWN parents saying how I was lying about the whole thing and being upset like WHAT!? WHY WOULD A STUDENT LIE IF THEY CAME HOME TO THEIR PARENTS ADMITTING ABOUT HOW UNHAPPY THEY WERE!?

And even when it came to the ableism and bullying I experienced, teachers said they were aware of it and if it became a problem then I could talk to someone. It never changed anything! Even when my parents would phone the school about a problem, nothing changed!

Another thing that my parents found weird that throughout my time at that school, they never got the chance to meet the headmaster once at that school which I’m sure at schools, parents should be able to at least meet the headmaster once! But no, the only reply they got from the headmaster was my letter signing me off before I transferred! That was it! Nothing else!

Even though a lot of my experience was pretty bad, I’m giving this school two stars because it still has its small pros! I’d say the food in the canteen is pretty decent and not all the teachers are that bad, some are actually more understanding than others! For e.g., the Music and Drama departments are great and the Music and Drama teachers are lovely and accepting. I also have to say the Art teachers in the Art Department are really lovely as well.
Feb 2, 2021

Okay school the teachers just need to help

Good to a point but they dont help with mental health or anyone who is lgbt they just push past it and if you are being bullied because of it, the teacher will not help you at all. They also dont let the students send in complaints.

Majority of the teachers dont know how to use the computers and were never taught any of the new sites they have to use .

Yes as well they help the lower educated studends who need help but at the same time they dont help the other students when they need help.
Former Student
Jan 2, 2021

Bad at handling students with learning needs

I went to this school and I needed Learning Support because I was on the autism spectrum. Because I was autistic, I experienced bullying, ableism and people spreading false rumours about me. Whenever I had a problem, teachers didn’t really do anything about it. Even when it came to work, I found it too difficult but not all the teachers understood students with learning needs so I didn’t feel like I always had the right support I needed.
Dec 6, 2020

Sturminster Newton High School

Overall Sturminster Newton High School is a excellent school. Unfortunately there are a phew areas that they fall short in meeting. There is a decent amount of food in the canteen but the value for money is poor. They also fail to push each student to the best of their ability, focusing purely on the weakest in the teaching group allowing the best to mess around and get bored quickly.
Sep 13, 2020

Good system

Very good at all of it, looking after students
Bath Road, DT10 1DT, Sturminster Newton

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