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Absolutely incredible

Former Student · February 22, 2021
Former Student · February 22, 2021
Absolutely amazing. I’m currently at the end of secondary school but I miss this school every single day. It made me who I am. I learnt three musical instruments, joined the orchestra, flute choir and wind band. I used to attend art club every Tuesday and cookery club every Friday. During my time I had also attended, Jewellery making club, cake decorating club, Christmas reef making club, cookery club, judo, croquet club (my absolute favourite) and many many more.

We played sports all year round, starting with hockey fo girls and football for boys, then leading on to netball for girls and hockey/rugby for boys and finally rounders/kwik cricket for girls and cricket for boys. I was in the ‘A’ team for every sport and we had a sports match almost every week with about tournaments every term. In year six a team play an IAPS tournament at the end of each term.

Not to mention to food was delicious. I remember my friends and I looking at the menus every week and being excited over our favourite meals. It was always the pasta or the chicken tikka!

I started in year 3 not knowing anyone but being in all these clubs and sports teams lead me to make some amazing friends. I miss every single moment I had at that school and I wish that everyone could share the same experiences I did.

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