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Mar 19, 2024

Don’t send your children here

Teachers do not know how to handle situations instead the just send you to a place called the hub were you sit in a room in silence reading a workbook which isn’t teaching you anything. The food is barely edible and the hot food is quite expensive too expensive some of my friends can’t even buy hot food. If you’re thinking of sending your child/children here I advise not.
Sep 13, 2023

Swanmore college

I’m sorry I been at this school 4 years and when this school is supposed to be “the college of excellence” it’s not it’s really just a bunch of teachers that get payed to almost take the mick I had mental health issues they did something for a couple days and then stopped I had a counsellor for 3 weeks who I’d see 1 time a week and she even told me how much of a 💩 hole this school is I used to be confident and always open to answer the question given by teachers but now they have knocked my confidence down and I’m struggling in school and you can’t cry because the kids or teachers kids will take it as a joke and laugh the teachers literally do nothing the bullying in the school and the amount of fights is horrendous this school is hell with a system aloes the learning hub pretty much you get 2 warnings I once got a warning for talking for taking when they asked I assume it was about being “off topic” which I wasn’t and the 2nd warning for dropping a pen and picking it up from my feet which is then like a life sentence in prison the hub is where you sit for 6 hours no Noise and full of a**holes they don’t let you go to the toilet talk and you loose out on valuable learning they provide books for all years 7-11 but these books I learn nothing it’s like having work from year 2 the hub is considered a torture method for being out of line and love is about forgiveness and opportunities which this school provides none of get rid off them hub you guys are petty get your school in line 😂😂 absolute joke honestly
Sep 10, 2023

Swanmore is bad

they suspend me for not taking my socks of in dance
May 18, 2023

save your kids before it’s too late

Since the dawn of time this college has had curropted beliefs and stupid rule that are hard to reach, your children will find will find them selves isolated in a tiny room.
Mar 15, 2023

Don't waste your time...

Every morning, i walk in front the bus, in hope that i don't get to the side. the school labels it's students like cattle and cares more about lying to ofsted than helping the victims of sexual harassment/ assult or severe bullying. My love for learning was genuine before I came to swanmore as the school is made up of stress and mind games.
They have a student voice program was made to give the students a false sense of power and leaves children upset that they have been tricked and have no say in what the school does / inflicts upon its students.
Children are punished for minor things when bullies are not, by being sent to the hub which is the incorrect term for harsh isolation. Sexual harassment is treated with less hub time than not having a pen!
If you have no choice but to send your child to swanmore, move! I only put one star because there is no zero star option which is as disappointing as the school.
Feb 27, 2023

Good school

This is not a bad school, all the dis comes from the students, trust me, there is nothing wrong with swanmore.
Jan 12, 2023


absolutely awful never send your kids here the mental health is so bad and so is bullying and teachers have no clue how to help. the teachers are biased and rude there is only 1 good teacher. the students are rude and push you out of the way and the year 7s are SO annoying. most of the students are rude and don’t care about other people and it has genuinely made my own mental health worse. if you send your kid here then chances are they will get mental health problems and they will probably be bullied by both teachers students and the headteacher.
Dec 14, 2022

not good

honestly could be better and has never really helped me and i tend to get in trouble for little things and they never hear me out and always talk over me when im trying to tell them something and just dont let me do my thing and they havent changed anything to help the students at all
Dec 6, 2022

Worst school ever

It's because of this school and the stuff they do that I've started to have some thoughts that I don't want to do but I feel like doing now
Oct 17, 2022


Very very very very bad!!! Disgusting, disgraceful adults!!!!
Aug 3, 2022


We were so pleased that my son and daughter went to Swanmore college we made a effort to take my children there every week.

However the food is really poor and they don’t know how to problem solve my son and daughter both got badly bullied and the school would never talk to us. They are extremely bias and rude.
Former Student
Aug 2, 2022


This school is absolute shit. The adults care more about grades than mental health and even when they do try their counselling just completely makes our mental health worse. Definitely trying at equality which is good but that’s really the only good thing about it even though having equality is bare minimum. Everything else entirely from teachers, to education to food is garbage.
Apr 4, 2022

swanmore school as a student in yr 10

kinda meh honestly, people are mean and some of the teachers are extremely biased/subtlety bigoted. some are good though. The food is mostly bad and the toilets are disgusting (mostly the kids fault) there's some good canopies but they're covered in rubbish so not really. The yr 7s are mean but as they get older they get better. There's the learning hub which is honestly hell and they're really bad at dealing with mental health. overall an average school ig
Jul 3, 2021

needs improvement

in my opinion swanmore needs lots of improvement however it isn’t an ‘awful’ school. firstly I think that most of the teachers do at good job at actually teaching the children - leading to better grades. however quite a few teachers are more focused on grades than mental health which definitely needs to change. Over the last year or so there has been a slight change - and there seems to be more support with mental health although no where near enough.

secondly, the food is okay. it’s not awful but it’s not good either. it seems like the food is the same every week and most of it is greasy burgers and pizza. (the roasts and other larger meals are quite nice though!) I think they also need to introduce another food area as children spend their whole lunches waiting to get food - leaving no time to eat it or socialise.

also I think that the behaviour system is terrible. someone can talk two times in a lesson when they weren’t meant to and be sent to the ‘hub’ which is basically isolation for a day. and while I think this could work for bigger more serious issues - people shouldn’t have to have a day out of their lessons for talking. another issue is the uniform policies - girls aren’t allowed tight trousers or showing their ankles. this sends the wrong message to girls treating them as objects because they ‘might distract the boys’ also I think that people should have more freedom because they should be able to express themselves.

finally I think that school needs to deal with bullying better - I have seen many teachers just stand and watch when someone makes rude comments towards others. but overall it’s not a terrible school and i think kids could do a lot worse :)
Former Student
Apr 5, 2021

The rape culture goes back 3 decades.

Terrible. Although looking back many of my peers were pleasant it must have been due to their upbringing because the teachers,added d nothing. Stratosphere was competitive to the point of anxiety, my sister ended up with an eating disorder due to peer bullying and my brother learnt to defend himself f and others with his fists. I have never got over my experiences here. I was bullied from the moment I arrived and was nearly raped by two boys who went on to harass my sister and her friends also to the point of rape attempts. Even after we all left in year 11 the boys would attempt to harass the younger students. The sexual abuse epidemic goes back long before the modern era. The head was obsessed with grades to the exclusion of all else and deputy head was a bully who would sit the abusive boys next to girls who had been sobbing in her office days previously. Homophobic and disability bullying was never tackled by the teachers. He only high points were the history, art and drama teaching. But the scars endure.
Former Student
Dec 23, 2020


awful school. teachers had obvious favorites and were un aware of everything else going on. they barely spoke on mental health awareness but didn’t let us use any resources such as fidget toys or taking five minute breaks. as for the food i wouldn’t feed it to my dog. the milk was often lumpy and they had overpriced unhealthy options. i felt so uncomfortable going to the teachers with any of my problems and if i brought anything up i was quickly dismissed.
Dec 19, 2020


the worst school ever i don’t recommend the teachers don’t do nothing about bullying the uniform is shit n yh don’t go to this school it’s horrible
Nov 29, 2020

everything wrong

Disgusted by the staff team at swanmore college, they are oblivious to everything. They do not care about bullying and they are one sided. They hear a story they like and they don’t change there mind even if there’s facts, evidence and witness to do with the other story. I would never send my child there.

Another critique is there uniform policy, girls have no freedom they must have no makeup, no jewelry, no skirts above the knee, no died hair, must wear a jumper, no tight trousers and no ankles showing and that’s only just the start.

The SLT department is not nearly good enough, a bunch of grown men and adults bossing children around like there puppets and dogs on leashes, a staff member (miss Brown) is disgusting she does not leave students alone, she is constantly on there cases and doesn’t believe in justice.

I would also mention there food but it’s no where near good enough to go in my mouth let alone out of my mouth!

Ofsted has a surprise for there next exception that’s for sure.

Overall it’s a appalling school! Mr johnathon (the head master) never speaks to any of his staff let alone pupils, and refuses to speak to parents.

Would not recommend!
Oct 6, 2020


awful place, I was bullied at this school the whole 5 years I was here and no one ever put a stop to it. Teachers have obvious favourites and take more care of them. Uniform is more important here than anything else and there is so much unfairness between teachers and students. 100% do NOT recommend sending your child here.
Aug 23, 2020


swanmore is far from exellent. it’s main issue is uniform. on the website it strictly says “parallel leg trousers, no flares, and not skinny”, absolutely NO WHERE does it say that there has to be NO ankle showing. so why do we get ticks on our proud card for this. shoes also, i wore ballet pumps with a HEEL and i got told to buy new ones because the heel was too small. NOWHERE does it say “no less than 1cm” it only says “no more than 2cm”. this school is absolutely ridiculous, it’s priorities are on uniform and not education. not to mention i got put in the hub (no lessons for a full school day, just copying work from a book) because my skirt was above my knee.
Aug 23, 2020


Shocking behaviour Management and rude staff, would not let my child go here. Toilets are disgusting and the whole place is dirty

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