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May 2, 2023

My review

The school is terrible
Nov 12, 2022

great school

great school, love my time here
Former Student
Oct 20, 2022

Some good , a lot of bad

There are some really good teachers but there also some really horrible nasty teachers , there was a art teacher not sure if he’s still there but he would be verbally abusive to the class and made a lot of my class including myself completely lose any passion for art or the course , a lot of us didn’t pass and his abuse probably cost a lot of us our GCSE . Test valley for sure wasn’t the best at handling bullying as we were literally getting bullied by our teacher and they weren’t doing anything about it , they also literally expelled one of my best friends on “medical grounds” because she’s autistic like what
Apr 20, 2022

i hear very good about it

i had a tour of the school (im a soon to be pupil there) and it seemed perfect! i know many people who have made the greatest friends ever at test valley. although my friend who is currently in test valley told me the teachers arent the best and the headteacher is 'strange' but they have a school therapy dog :) i think test valley is a wonderful school :) since a few years ago it has gotten so much better!!!!!! have a great day :)
Dec 13, 2021

Worst nightmare not gonna lie

I can tell that the staff try but the new headteacher didn't help to be honest. Came and changed everything (made the uniform almost unaffordable too) and then ran off.
Counsellors don't often help.
Headteacher could have accidentally outed me as gay if my parents didn't know already.
Just turn around and don't look this school in the eyes.
Former Student
Jul 5, 2021


This is a school that does not care about students as individuals. The bullying and hatred including cases of racism, homophobia and sexual harassment, is disturbing and raises questions about the type of environment that the school engineers. The staff were unsupportive and rude throughout my entire time at Test Valley. The few good teachers have left the school and I see no reason as to why anyone should want to spend their educational experience here.
May 30, 2021


test valley school is an incredible school! ever since the arrival of our new head teacher, it's improved substantially, and i'm so proud and honoured to be a part of the school community. the handling of bullying has improved hugely, new uniforms ensure that pupils look smart, and there are many more awareness days catering to important issues such as gay rights, racial equality, and mental health. the prefect team is now structured, and gives pupils purpose in the school, and a voice. the school itself is quite small, which creates a comforting transition from primary to secondary school. it's less overwhelming to new year 7s, and more welcoming; like a family! new staff have been employed, we have a therapy dog who is incredible, and yet again, im so proud to be able to call myself a pupil at test valley school.

overall, i would highly recommend it! have a good day :)
Former Student
Mar 29, 2021


Just not a brilliant school, some of the teachers were lovely but many had lots of absences and left the school, bullying was handled badly and the facilities are okay. A
Former Student
Dec 28, 2020

Not great

Not great in general, how the handle bullying is extremely poor ( to the point of police involvement) (not organised by the school)
Some of the core departments are really bad as not a lot of staff! Sports and Design and technology department are quite good!
Overall I don’t recommend this school unless you really need to attend there! I do recommend Henry Beaufort school!

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