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Based on 11 reviews and 181 answers
Former Student
Sep 14, 2021

An Honest Review.


After reading all the reviews, I can strongly say that I disagree with most of them. I understand where some of them are coming from but personally, I think they are over exaggerating. However, an opinion is an opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

I had a great time at Thamesmead. Although, I was a bit of a class clown and gave the teachers a hard time which I heavily regret.

There were a few teachers that were just blatantly unfair and rude yet some were extremely fair and only handed out strict punishments when absolutely necessary.

A teacher I would like to point out as being unfair, is a certain physics teacher, that also happened to be a head of year. This man was ghastly.

If you ever tried to reason with him he would shut you down on the spot and not even have the decency to listen to you.

I have matured a lot since being at Thamesmead and to look back on how I was treated by this man actually makes me feel sick. It has been 4 years since I left and I am nearly 20 years old so these words aren't coming from a child.

Other than him, most of the other teachers actually used fair punishment handouts.

The English department was absolutely impeccable. A teacher to point out would be**** **, she was the firmest yet fairest teacher in the department. I would never misbehave in her lessons purely out of the respect I had for her. She got my grade from a low 3 to a high 5 in the matter of 6 months. Her daily booster sessions were like gold dust, missing these would be like missing one number on a lottery ticket. If you were to misbehave in her lessons she had the power to make you feel so bad about yourself and she wouldn't even have to say a single word. She would never shout because there was absolutely no need to. Everyone knew that she was going to be the one to determine a fail or a pass. I would love to have a sit down with her today and show her where I am at, I think she would be proud.

The canteen was excellent, the food was extremely nice and we had a really nice dinner man called (from what I can remember)*** ******. He gave lovely portions, was unbelievably polite and treated you like customers instead of students.

This is the part where I will link to the other reviews.

I agree to a certain extent that there was a lot of homophobia in the school. I don't think that the teachers don't care about this, they just never caught anyone in the act. And there is no crime without evidence.

Bullying was a fairly big issue in the school. I believe that some students don't want to tell the teachers about it because they don't want to be labelled as a 'snitch, or a 'grass'.

We had a student in our year who was transgender and the teachers were accused of denying him to have his name changed on the register. However, these were only rumours. This is a touchy subject, so I am not going to say anything else on that matter.

I think overall Thamesmead is a great school. Yet, it does need improving. It seems to have spiralled downhill ever since the new headteacher was appointed.

I had a very good time with the social aspect of the school so this review may be considered biased and only came from my personal experience.

Thanks for giving me a great time throughout my early/late teenage years.
Former Student
Sep 10, 2021

school ethics are backwards (and getting worse)

I left thamesmead a few years ago but glad my time ended there when it did. Most of my teachers were genuinely good and honest people and they began to agree that the rules of the school became ridiculous as the years went on, the headteacher and his deputy heads value uniform and discipline over the safety and happiness of their students, especially those in danger of hate crimes and bullying. A student in my year was denied his changed name and pronouns on the school system that lead him to years of relentless bullying from students, that could have been avoided by the school addressing his gender in a mature manner. On multiple occasions I, as a student with ADHD, found myself being labelled dim and unworthy of the same treatment as my classmates, some teachers even going as far as making fun of neurodivergent traits publicly, such as fidgeting and the inability to focus, which made me feel as if I couldn’t treat those who I just wanted an education from. This has only become worse as the years have progressed, my brother attends the school and is often alienated and picked on by teachers for his inability to remember or concentrate, which he cannot help, and they know this.

Years 7 through 9, before the new headmaster, were good and enjoyable school years, I have nothing against him personally but his ethics in an educational environment are becoming incredibly backwards, the racism and homophobia in the halls is getting worse and yet the concern only seems to lie with the length of school skirts.

I personally would look for an alternative school to send my child to, Thamesmead’s getting rougher and I hope the best for the students there.
Sep 2, 2021

Good but have a few downsides

The school Is okay obviously the experience is different for everyone for me I am bi and have had different slurs thrown at me I have been told by teachers that saying the word “gay” “gives of bad vibes” and repeatedly been misgendered after telling the teacher and students otherwise. I do understand this is only one teacher and I have not said anything as I struggle to stand up for myself as it causes a lot of stress and anxiety but this is still outrageous. The rest of the school is quite good the teachers do their best to engage you and there are some really nice teachers and pupils. If ur kid has any sort of nuerodivergency I have found this school to be quite good (not for me but my sibling) and also for me they will take me and other children with nuerodivergent siblings out of a lesson and talk about life with said sibling what goes on in their brain how we can help e.t.c. The school is good there are obvious down sides but I love the school.
Jul 8, 2021

Thamesmead is bad

The Thamesmead community is full of homophobia and staff members are unable, or often refuse to do anything about it. Me and my friends have often been talking or having lunch when someone will walk past and yell some form of homophobic or transphobic slur at us. We have told teachers about this many times and nothing has changed, apart from a new rule, banning the word gay because "it's an insult and derogatory term". Although I agree with banning the use of words from LGBTQ+ acronym as slurs, I fail to understand how stopping people who identify with or as a certain term from saying it makes them feel welcome and safe in this community. As someone who is a member of both the LGBTQ+ and Thamesmead community, I can confirm that i do not feel either safe or welcome. I have asked many of my friends who are also members of both communities and they also disagree with this rule and Thamesmeads approach to discrimination, and would not recommend anyone to join this school if they want to feel accepted and happy in a welcoming place.
Jul 4, 2021

This school it horrendous!!

This school is very poor and that’s seeing it in a good light, there is absolutely no fun allowed. They care so much about a number and our “future” it’s almost like they are just making our decisions for us. The school isn’t getting us to learn anything it’s just that you get a topic and revise. Revise revise revise. And boom if you memorise everything then you win, grade 9 and good life. They don’t even believe in support for the children and there is little to none mental health help, they are control freaks who want all their students to be perfect people that will get a normal job and just be another small piece in the already degraded society.
This school is unfair and you should defining send your children to another school.
Jul 3, 2021

homophobia :(

i mean it’s decent, some of the teachers are pretty nice.
however, they have little to no response to homophobic and transphobic remarks made all the time both in class and out. their pitiful attempt at a pride assembly was made a mockery of, and when i told a teacher about a kid calling me homophobic slurs, she literally just said “really?” and then did nothing, but i expect that’s not that different from other schools.
overall, its not that great but there is a nice queer community within the students and some teachers like the drama and english teachers are relatively respectable.
Jul 3, 2021

Thamesmead. Where skirt length comes first.

It's a wreck. The GCSE work is so stressful and no support is given to students.
I've been told I'd be getting school counciling twice now, and never gotten it. Although others have told me the councilor doesn't help and is bad at their job, and that it's only a 10 minute session which just makes you angry or upset for the rest of your day. I feel unable to go to the LSR when I'm upset as its usually blocked off to students and I don't know I I'm even allowed there. I've had mental breakdowns during lessons due to stress from the work. One time being in the middle of science when the teacher couldn't even teach us properly. I was sent home crying with a headache due to her lesson, since having her I've been completely unable to understand chemistry.

There's little to no help for students with ADHD, Ausism, Dyslexia and ect. I've told teachers many times that I can't focus in class due to my energy and they've just told me to try focus. Wow. Thanks that really helps!!

The food is overpriced and disgusting. And the seating area is terrible. In winter we're made to sit outdoors as only year 7 is allowed in the canteen due to covid.

You get a detention for being late because of the 1 way system and students don't get told off for wearing their masks wrong, but if your skirt is 1cm above you're knee its a straight detention.

Mufti day rules once included no hoodies! Why? Because people wore their hoods up and this was "intimidating" to teachers and younger years. Personally, I just hadn't washed my hair that day and didn't want people seeing it. Also hoodies are banned in school, even when it's too hot for a cold but too cold to not wear anything over your shirt. My friend can't even wear a coat due to sensory issues and not liking the texture but the school doesn't care.

Overall, don't send your children here. I've wanted to kill myself so many times thanks to this school and they couldn't care less. Mental health is their last priority and your skirt length is their first.

Thamesmead. Where skirt length comes first.
Jul 3, 2021

Don’t send your children here, worst school by far

Do not send your children here unless you want them to develop severe anxiety, depression and/or self esteem issues, the teachers at this school focus so severely on uniform and having all the students looking identical more than the actual well being of the students.

Several of the young students have been sexually assaulted and when going to the school about it, have been turned away and slut shamed by saying they were most likely dressed as if asking for it.

The workload is another problem, they expect their students to spend all free time doing homework that is far too difficult and lengthy.

Please do not send your children here
Former Student
Jul 3, 2021

Terrible school

I used to go to this school from when i was in Year 7 to when i was in Year 10 and honestly, i do not recommend it. The school’s motto literally used to be “Where learning comes first”, and they don’t care at all about student’s mental health. I’m autistic, and while i was there the school would either baby me or tell me that i should just act “normal”. Whenever i needed a mental health day etc, they would start getting angry at me. It literally got to the point where i refused to go in for a year after a meeting where i was told that if i didn’t raise my attendance, i would fail my GCSEs.
The school forces their students to stay outside at breaks unless they manage to get one of the few seats in the crowded school canteen, even when it’s the middle of winter. Pre-Corona, lunch break was only 20-25 minutes and didn’t leave enough time for anyone to get everything done that they needed to. If you didn’t get to the canteen in the first 5 minutes of lunch (bare in mind there are 1000 students trying to get there), there’s no food left as the school doesn’t make enough food to provide for everyone. The detention system is way too strict, forgetting a single school book gets you an hour. They also seem to care more about skirt lengths than anything else. If your skirt is anything above your knee, they give you detention and tell you to buy new ones that are super expensive. They’ve even told tutors to get students to stand up to check their skirt lengths.
Jun 25, 2021

For all the queer kids

This school is just-
Especially on hate crimes and discrimination
I was outed in year 7-
did they do anything about that?
The past year I’ve spent here has been hell.
I’ve been hatecrimed.
Called slurs.
And have been sexually assulted.
The school haven’t done anything about that
If there are any young lgbtqia kids joining this school here’s my advice;
A) don’t come out- at least fully i know it’s tempting but this school won’t handle it well
Or B) if you’re going to be out Build a tough exterior the moment you step through those doors. Make it clear anyone who would even consider hurting you would regret it.
Stay safe kiddos,
Your trans masc older brother :)

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