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May 21, 2024


Really bad now it use to be an okay school but now it’s the worst fights almost every day vaping drugs some of the worst teachers there that don’t know how to do there jobs adyfeild is better nicer people and yes there teachers actually do teach you (astley has a lot of bully’s and racism)
Apr 27, 2024

Astley cooper school

This school has major safeguarding issues ,no communication from the school . Heads of the school have been involved in OFF ROLLING this is a common practice at this school .my children felt they were not safe and bullied to an extent of police involvement .
Apr 24, 2024


astley review

bad teachers init , teachers dont know what their teaching themself
Nov 6, 2023

Astley cooper report

It's not the best the bullying is terrible to the point were kids are leaving the school because of it and nothing is happing the teachers ain't got a clue what they r on about the food options r overpriced and overrated there's barely any vegetarian or vegan options the teacher are mean and ruthless so are the kids the one another
May 15, 2023

awful experience and heres why:

majority of the time teachers dont even know what their talking about and teachers give detentions specifically to students they dislike or dont get along with. As a pupil its understandable teachers have favourites but its not okay for it to be projected openly. this makes students not want to come into that classroom, not put in effort, and just not come into school at all.
why else do you think attendance is so low?

safety & security;
literally 0 safety it is so so SO easy to walk out of those gates. All you have to do is click and the buzzer and your gone what type of security is that? the back gates are also easy for outsiders to jump INTO and pupils to jump OUT of.

indoor enviroment:
honestly disgusting. they have cleaners yet the whole school is disgusting and smoothered with gum and dirt.

foods & meals
Not many options for vegetarians or vegans.
Over-priced too.

outdoor enviroment:
they have a pretty good field however their should be alot more benches considering ( at the moment ) 500+ pupils are in the school itself.

there arent many sports acitivities or study groups you can join, you have to force yourself to like one or simply not join.
Apr 25, 2023

Astley Cooper

Astley Cooper school is horrible. I’m my experience it’s awful and I would rather be homeless than suffer that torture. There is so much drama and things that make you stressed out. The teachers cant teach cause they don’t speak the proper English language. They are making a new school and it’s chaos. Shut it down and run before it’s to late.
Dec 21, 2022

my experience at astley cooper

Astley cooper is below the standard . Teachers here project a positive atmosphere in the beginning and then as the school years pass they become worse. And by worse I don't mean " strict , picky , harsh " I mean by not being able to teach or support students when needed. Many of the teachers have quit due to the environment , negativity and poor income , and not only teachers. Various of my classmates have moved to a different school in year 8-9. ANY pupil that joined have admitted that they instantly regretted it.
This school made me feel so alone and out of place. the students here were awful and immature. Not to mention how the school is NOT diverse at all - their would be about 9 black people and 3 Asians in the whole year group.
This school is known for fights , homophobia , racism and so much more no matter how much you explain they pupils and teachers BOTH will not understand or even try to interpret where your coming from.
Whenever oxford would come they would always make stupid act and dress well purposely that day, they would also use tactics " always put your hand up if oxford is here 1 finger if u don't know the answer 5 fingers if u do ".
this school is full of show offs and disrespectful people. i don't recommend sending anyone here. It made my life a living hell.
Dec 9, 2020

Not that great

Support is next to none in this school. Most people in my class ended up dropping out before they could even sit their GCSEs. Also it appeared on the worst schools in the UK list. Science department doesnt have any working smoke alarms and the school is in a general state of disrepair.
Sep 18, 2020


It’s a good school, it has its ups and downs, depending on the teachers. I got my fair share of new teachers that had no idea what they were doing and ended up leaving the next year, which wasn’t amazing. However, there are some really solid teachers there that really know how to help students push themselves to their potential. It could do with a revamp, but I’m aware that a new building is being built there next summer so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue for long. A lot of drama from other students, but just steer clear of it and you will get on really well at this school.
St Agnell's Lane, HP2 7HL, Hemel Hempstead

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