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Former Student
Sep 20, 2023

some teachers hate gay and black pupils and gang up on them

My last day at school was the best day in my life.Bullying and homophobia and racism is covered up a lot in bishop of hereford bluecoat school on hampton dene road in Hereford.Even some teachers hate gay and black people and they gang up on some pupils with the other teachers.Nobody will believe you because they are teachers.
Dec 2, 2022

Uncaring unkind mentors and teachers

There are mentors and teaching staff at this school who are on a power trip. Bullying and discrimination is swept under the rug at this school.
Oct 20, 2021

Not the best

i didnt have a very good experience there. lots of the staff are very old fashioned and "confiscate" your phone for a week if you get a text during school. this happened to me on my first week of school in art and it was the week of my birthday and i couldn't take photos of the animals at the zoo. i also had to walk home alone with no phone which is ridiculous. my parents went in and they refused to give it back. parents if you're reading this, its not a terrible school but youre better off sending your children somewhere else because they will most likely complain.
Sep 3, 2021

Care for students

Excellent pastoral care and the teachers are very down to earth and treat the students like young adults instead of children.
Former Student
Apr 8, 2021

Racist and homophobic

The school is horrendous for lgbt students as they have outed a student over rumours, when criticised about it merely said "you don't know my experiences" and proceeded to make themselves the victim, some people and I reported a student for calling us multiple slurs and being downright homophobic and the school failed to fix this issue only giving them internal for a couple of days, has employed teachers that make homophobic microagressions.
Not to mention the absurd amount of racism among teachers. One defending a student being racist, one saying "all lives matter", one teacher saying calling out racism is bullying and another saying the n word.
Their mental health services dont help students at all merely making things a lot worse most of the time. They ignore students coming in about bullying saying that its a disagreement and drawing up these contracts that have no real impact.
Overall there are a lot of major issues within this school and if you truly care about your child dont send them to bishops.
Former Student
Feb 3, 2021

Improving dramatically

A much improved school

Was a bit crap a couple years ago but with the radical staff and policy changes it’s now on the road to a bright future for the school and students
Former Student
Oct 9, 2020

Don't go there, please.

For 4 years I suffered at this school. It riddle me with mental illness that I still haven't recovered from.
Despite my pleas for help since Year 7,they ignored me to the point of me having to go to Hospital School.
I know many others with the same experience as mine.
They do not care about the students at all, all they care about is the numbers.
There is so much wrong about this school that I could go on forever. Please do not send your children there if you care about their mental health and well-being.

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