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Apr 10, 2023


The education is mostly enjoyable, classes such science have practicals often although if your child is slow learner this school might not be the best choice as expectations are quite high. This school also has a slight problem dealing with bullying, the most punishment a bully will get is a slap on the wrist and a call to parents.
Former Student
Sep 25, 2022

History, geography, design technology, home economics

Great school with some problems

Teachers where all great with some minor exceptions, always gave there all to motivate (pep talks where legendary)
Homework’s towards year 11 where excessive, however they thankfully stopped towards the exam seasons to focus on exams, school resources where great, food was ok, school has a confusing layout, especially with the main building, in terms of extra curricular activities, they are vast in some places and limited in others
Emily Richardson
May 20, 2022

Well done 👏 😊

Amazing facilities, welcoming teachers/receptionists, well done 👏
May 20, 2022

AMAZING 👏 🙀 😮 😲

Amazing facilities lovely teachers full of nature... well done 👏 ✔
Apr 13, 2021

Nothing special

This school, despite its claims, is nowhere near as special and caring as it claims to be. Bullying isn't handled well at all and at the moment, teachers break COVID rules that they expect students to follow which sets a bad example. The teachers are also very average, no different from state school teachers.

The headteacher is condescending and rude towards staff members and as a result of this, it is not uncommon for staff to leave because of this.

The grades that pupils get here aren't better than local state schools. In fact, many state schools actually have better results than The Gregg School which is disappointing to see.
Dec 2, 2020

Good school with some problems

The school gets good exam results and has many good teachers however it has many issues
- many of the PE staff are sexist and body shame
- bullying isn’t always taken seriously
- some teachers are over strict or have favourites
- students don’t get to choose if they want to do triple science or not
-some teachers cross COVID bubbles without wearing PPE
Sep 15, 2020

Fantastic school

My son has been attending the Gregg School for the past 3 years and absolutely loves it. It is a really lovely school with dedicated staff who go the extra mile to get the best out of all the students. I would highly recommend this school.
Townhill Park House, SO18 2GF, Southampton

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