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Former Student
May 16, 2024

Bad school

-2 negatives then you get a detention pathetic, teachers care more about uniform then education they only put on a act that they care once they here ofsted is coming in, bad with mh
Feb 6, 2024

No stars would be my rating

I’d put no stars if it was possible. I removed my child from this school because after a month of contacting the school regarding my child’s poor mental health, they still had not even spoken to her. Her attendance was becoming impossible and the only concern I received was an automatic email asking me to contact the school to ext her absence. I removed her from the school and the following day I received an email asking for the library books back. I then received automatic emails from the school for a month, I contacted them every week to ask them to stop as my child no longer attended. After a month they contacted me to see if I would come in for a meeting to discuss the issues. This school should be closed, safeguarding and their students mental health are of no concern, but good luck if you turn up on sock inspection day without black socks, you could get a detention. The staff have very poor priorities. I honestly don’t know how they are allowed to be responsible for the lives of these young people…
Oct 20, 2023


rubbish school its horrible
Oct 12, 2023

hamble school needs to be shut down

its hnostly such a bracist school its so bad that everyone is naughty because they hire the worst teachers and accept the worsts students into that school it really needs to bet shut down
Oct 3, 2023

not a good school

don't send your child here they are terrible at trying to deal with bullying and when your trying to talk to a teacher all they do is shout at you even if your in tears and they also said that I look like I've been dragged out of a bush very horrible, not very good with dealing the fights,
Oct 3, 2023

A bad school

very pathetic about the jewellery and shouting at the students about having earrings in when the teachers, how does it effect the others of learning?, The teachers don't teach the students properly and -2 negatives then u get a detention is pathetic should change it and also when your trying to tell the teachers something important etc about home or bullying they just shout at you
Sep 22, 2023

Unfit School environment

The school has a very damaging culture for mental health. It victimises children for wearing incorrect clothing as colour of socks, wrong type of shirt and will isolate them or not allow them to buy lunch if the dress code isn’t adhered to, mostly not the child’s fault. Have raised this now with my local councillor as feel this school needs urgent investigation on how it treats its pupils
Sep 21, 2023

Draconian school

Draconian run school more interested in pupils all look the same then tailoring the education for their needs to easy to send children to isolation
At the end of the day you are a school do what you are paid to do and teach
The naughty children get praised for attending school or doing the bare minimum with some decent rewards where as the children who put the effort in get nothing
Former Student
Sep 3, 2023


Load of sh*t would put it 0 tbf, cares more about uniform and behaviour than actually giving people good education. Charge 40 whole pounds for a blazer alone even though it is supposed to be free to go to school 👍
Aug 18, 2023

It’s not a very good school not recommend

School uniform to strict not enough time to get to classes and dt for little things and confusing bracelets the teacher will make more of a distraction pointing it out than the students wearing it
Jun 10, 2023

This school is utter garbage

This is an awful school I still attend it but I’ve nearly got jumped 3 times in year 7 and teachers don’t do anything! I’m dyslexic and need green paper. Nah they won’t supply anything give me is for using an overlay it is absolutely awful. So bad I sh cuz of it
May 18, 2023

The Hamble School

A boy has come home from this school with bruises and cuts on his face today which isn’t the first time. He has explained that 3 boys were punching him and throwing him about, he is in absolute tears and is scared to go back. The school has told him he’s gonna go to the bridge soon for defending himself in previous occasions which should not be the case. When this happened before they didn’t do anything about it. So if you’re thinking about sending you kid here, if I was you I would think again. They said that they achieve excellence together but how can that be true when he is just getting hurt and doesn’t want to go. This school is so bad with bullying and fights, I certainly wouldn’t want my children to go here. It’s heartbreaking seeing him in tears.
Former Student
May 16, 2023



I had a horrible time very traumatic. The teachers can be abusive
Former Student
May 9, 2023


Bad teaching horrible with mental health cant keep staff
Former Student
May 5, 2023

not great

not a very good school, the food is nice tho
Oct 18, 2022

What a let down!

Such a shame that this setting has incredible facilities and yet focuses on "negative behaviour" instead of encouraging positivity, individuality and achievement. The school is more concerned about appearance and ratings instead of putting in the effort to ensure their pupils are seen and taught as individuals. I believe the pupils have recently all been sat in year group assemblies and been told to shut up and put up! Do NOT ask why!
The staff are condescending when speaking to pupils and parents, and inconsistent in following through with actions they have set in order to improve relationships,learning and behaviour. There is far too much focus on menial trivial matters, if the energy and focus of the teaching staff was actually channeled into their pupils they could achieve great things.
This mentality of a "one cap fits all" approach has been proven time and time again, not to be of benefit to anyone when learning.
The school lacks on the SEND front and doesn't appear to use their pupil premiums correctly, efficiently or effectively.
They do not encourage any form of individuality and allow staff to target not only pupils who they know they will get a rise from but also fellow members of the teaching staff, very disappointing examples of how to contribute positively to society!
CCTV is used to the settings own advantage, yet conveniently "unavailable" when needed to aid genuine incidents of bullying and fighting.
All in all, a school I am glad my own children have not and will not ever be subjected to, and yet sad that family children are constantly let down by their system!
Sep 27, 2022

school review

school repoter

poor school needs to get the kiddies back on track with their learning.
Sep 16, 2022

Honestly it's bad

This school cares more about everything else but education I had dts for dumb reasons and the teachers only care about thing like your uniform theres too much homework no wonder the kids have so many detentions they don't really care about mental heath and how to deal with visual learners like me overall the only good thing about this school is the education that they don't care about.
Sep 16, 2022

Mental Health Etc

Hamble School has caused my mental health to take the largest dip humanly possible. I feel so empty. Honestly couldn't care if they saw this. It just hurts how they don't acknowledge many peoples problems until much later into the year. Its so heartbreaking. I thought maybe I would find some genuinely good teachers but they just make stuff worse.
:(( They suck so much I just can't anymore. Would not recommend unless you wanna make some friends.
Sep 15, 2022

Try Understand me Please. - Anonymous.

Update 1,
I've been here. Had a panic attack and they did nothing. Nothing I tell you. They didn't even notice. Most of my friends did. But not the teachers. Every teacher sucks except for The art teachers, a few maths teachers, PSHRE teachers, The PE teachers, English teachers, and some tech teachers. This place made me want to kill myself. Do not recommend. It sucks. Forgot to add that this 1 supply teacher cared about books more then the children. "Where's the books?", after a fire drill, what if that was a real fire? What is wrong with them?. I don't get how this place is still a 2.9. It should be much lower.
Update 2,
This place made me wanna end it. I have no idea why I put this on average. This should be on bad. I would rather be tutored with a learning support teacher from this school for home school then be here entirely.
Update 3,
Uniforms cost so much + They care about looks more then flipping work.
Update 4,
Some teachers make so many excuses that it's so bad and annoying to the point where I struggle to even hold a bond.
Update 5,
It just hurts here ://.
Apr 6, 2022

Nice but could be expanded

It’s all right but they need to expand the doors in some areas of the school, as there are way too many students around a lot of them getting pushed and squished around and new toilets is needed. A positive would be that they have expanded the subjects you can take like example photography and business. Leaving in 2023
Marcus McCauley
Oct 25, 2021

Student - 2018-Present

I joined The Hamble School in 2018 and will leave in 2023. I also have a future plan to return to the school and become a teacher. However, since I have come to T.H.S, it's been an up and down experience. The school has improved by not focusing on clothing/uniform anymore. Great teaching, great education. They work well with mental health with great LSAs. Behaviour is an issue. To many racism, homophobia, sexism etc. From other students across Year 7-11.
Former Student
May 5, 2021

2020 student

Care more about uniform than your education
Former Student
Feb 22, 2021

Bad at dealing with bullying

I left school in 2019 I was constantly bullied and bullied were praised
School Dosent care about mental health and more about your uniform
Made my school life a living hell and never did anything about it but reward the horrible students
Former Student
Jan 20, 2021

student from 2015-20

Some teachers are alright but they don’t care about your learning or mental health , as soon as we left (year11) in march due to the coronavirus pandemic we didn’t hear a single word from the school, they seemed to be more interested in your sock colour or the length of your skirt then the grades you achieve
Former Student
Dec 16, 2020

Sugar honey iced tea

Seem to only care about it’s reputation rather than it’s students. Teachers aren’t paid enough to actually be a kind/generous team

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