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Apr 23, 2023

don't go here

the food is disgusting and overpriced, i get pupil premium so they give me money to but food but it's nowhere near enough i can buy 1 maybe 2 things and i'm obviously still hungry. they claim to care about mental health but then they ring your mum constantly to complain about your attendance. most of the teacher don't give a fuck they expect you to have the work they set today done yesterday. it's took maybe 6 months to get counselling. i could only have like 2 weeks off when my dad died because they would've got on about my attendance to my mum and that wouldnt be fair on her. having to go there everyday makes my anxiety so bad i want to kill myself. matron is 2 faced and ignores everyone other than the boys that constantly piss about. teachers won't let you sit in classrooms even if it's pissing down other that about 3 of them. if you don't have your blazer they refuse to let you go in the canteen so if it's raining you'll just have to stand in line for 30 minutes at the outside on.
Mar 18, 2023

Avoid this school

Bad school. My child who has ADHD has zero support or understanding. Always labelled as naughty despite showing them doctors reports about her case. Too old fashioned management and it s a one size fits all school. My child is resenting school And she might be a school leaver thanks to their lack of support
Former Student
Jan 27, 2022

If you are Worried about money , read this

I mean there’s a lot of things really. It’s nice to see some people speaking the truth about the school in honesty. To start , the food is wayyy overpriced (£2.10 for a panini) which wouldn’t be an issue if there wasn’t a £5 limit every day (that’s for lunch and break) I think at the time of me writing this , flavoured water is .90 which is just crazy. This Bacically means (at the time of writing) you can’t get two paninis and a water in one day . Which is crazy considering the school expect that food to last break and lunch.
Former Student
Aug 4, 2021


i wish i could give it a worse rating really. appalling treatment of student all around , no care for them at all. all their care about is the gcse grades for THEIR reputation.
Jun 25, 2021

Would rather homeschool

A lot of teachers just talk shit about the other teachers, one of the geography teachers had an affair with the history teacher.

pretty sure one of the heads of year was a trainee teacher when his wife was a sixth form student, grooming??

lack of support mental health wise, things told in confidence to teachers get spread around, which i class as a safeguarding issue.

spoke to a teacher about home life and friendship troubles and got called home and the teacher told my parents that i spoke about them, made home life worse.

mental health is a shit show, never taken seriously, it’s all condescending and pointless no actual help is available, no counsellor for people, the only counsellor available has an extremely long waiting list and they’re not helpful anyway.

teachers outwardly express that they don’t like children, in which case why even become a teacher? they then take out frustrations onto pupils and that’s never looked at.

teachers outwardly mock mental health issues, yet cry crocodile tears when something tragic occurs.

OH YES let’s also not forget that they were on the list of schools from the everyone’s invited article.
Former Student
May 28, 2021

not happy with the school

kicked year 11s out on the last day , didn’t allow them to say goodbye. the school doesn’t care about its students. not to mention ****** by******** (especially**************)
Former Student
May 21, 2021

no support for students with mental health issues

treated me with mental health issues terrible. was punished for my mental health issues and they offered no help till it was too late.
teaching is okay but i didn’t see much of it as there was no support for me and i know many other kids in the same situation. bullying occurs frequently which only made the crippling mental health crisis in the school worse. not to mention the blatant sexism and homophobia all the around the school , educate these children and help them know better.
Former Student
Dec 9, 2020


It's a school what can you expect? Bullying occurs from both the students and some teachers. A teacher telling student to kill theirselfs and to sl*t their wrists they also got close to students and lit a lighter (which pushed many people over the edge while already were struggling with their mental health) another teacher made fun of me during a panic attack.

A couple of people got accused of being bullied by the SENCO team which is disgusting how they can be there to support students but they accuse innocent people. Bullying doesnt get resolved and when a student does something about it they get detentions for defending themselves. How is that fair?!! I have really bad anxiety and several other things which the school knew about so when I'd get a fidget toy out to use to calm myself down it would get confiscated and when I calmly explained that to the teacher they would laugh and tell me to grow up.

There are good teachers and there is more good teachers than bad however the bad teachers drag the school down. A school shouldn't be degrading students making them feel bad about their selves they should be helping the students to grow and discover who they are as individuals.

The head of anti bullying is a hypocrite. When I went to her to tell her about the bullying she ignored me and gave me the impression that it was my fault and then blamed me when I didnt want to come into school.

The majority of the english, maths, geography and art department are good and supportive. The art department is good they just put too much stress on art students.

The pe department is alright I mean you have the teachers who are obsessed and try getting the bottom set to move which usually fails and causes attitude. You have the pe teachers who are motivating and supportive and don't force people to do anything that they aren't comfortable doing.

The school counselling list is long. I was on and off throughout my time there and they kept taking me off

One of the ABI women is just 😡 she complains and moans about most things whereas the other is nice and you can have conversations with her.

There is good things but the bad really does drag the school down.

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