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Former Student
Mar 27, 2024

Don't attend henry cort

Nothing at the school ever gets sorted, the school is more concerned about uniform then the health and wellbeing of students, you get isolation for wearing one ring but bullying that occurs for months on end goes unpunished, the school has gone downhill massively from a few years ago, if you are thinking of sending your child to this sorry excuse of a school DON'T. The problems don't end with their, you get less and less food in the canteen but you have to pay more for it, their is a lack of support for the students that actually need it, the senior leadership cater to certain students and let them get away with certain things but they come down harsh on people that haven't done a lot wrong, most of the classrooms have mold on the ceilings and the food room has found mouse and rat droppings in the classroom. as well as the moldy chopping board's and wooden spoons some of the staff are just outright rude to the students putting them down whenever they get the chance. Lessons are constantly disrupted and teachers don't seem to know how to deal with the bad behavior, supply staff are left helpless and without support of the senior leadership team when they loose control of the class, the RTL and isolation systems don't work as they are full with students. The toilets is another issue, they are locked during lessons so if you need the toilet in lesson you get told you cant go, when the toilets are open they are getting vandalized or have 10's of kids vaping in their so you cant go to the toilet, the teachers don't seem to be trying to resolve the issue.
Jan 10, 2024


Henry cort community college is a rubbish and a shitty school,my sister goes there and she got bullied by some stupid bitchy girls and the school never did anything about it. And they have a zero tolerance bully policy zero tolerance my foot the students are very rude they lack manners and the teachers are useless.
Nov 1, 2023

Good skl

I want to go to this skl ive heard great things about it and wanna be w my bsf
Apr 17, 2023

Pretty god

Pretty good, I enjoy it . Teachers are great . Curriculum is engaging
Oct 15, 2022


I concur with other reviewers. This School has a regime of bullying which appears to permeate throughout the various school years. My granddaughter has for some time endured verbal bullying which recently descended into physical bullying. Complaints to Management have all fallen on ‘deaf ears’ with total inaction on bringing the perpetrators to account. Leadership is inept and their ‘zero tolerance’ policy on bullying is ineffective and useless. We have withdrawn our Granddaughter from this school permanently and would strongly advise parents to view other schools before placing their child there. It is not safe.
Sep 28, 2022

Not a great school

They seem to purely focus on the uniform and not the students themselves. Surely the length or width of your trouser leg does not effect your childs performance/learning!? Times have changed therefore the school needs to change! Try concentrating on teaching, getting to know and understand your students instead of constantly pulling them up on uniform. A bullying situation was not dealt with appropriately at all. Fighting happening all the time, not a nice safe environment for any student in my opinion. Definitely gone down hill!!
Former Student
Apr 8, 2022

Don't go here

Okay. If I could move I would. This school haunts my nightmares. The teachers couldn't care less, the school is in poor condition and the kids here are honestly just straight up horrid. If you want to come here, don't. Take it from me, dont. You will 100% get a trauma here whether it be from student, teachers or something else. If your mental health gets bad, you think you can turn to "wellbeing" but you can't because they don't care about you ;) Good luck in some other school because you don't want to go here.
Former Student
Feb 10, 2022

Bullying, bullying and more bullying.

Seeing as I mysteriously cannot view my own review on the Google page any longer, nor write another, I will post my truth here.
Do not send your children to this school.
I myself used to be a student once, and the experience was awful. Teaching in itself was good, however the biggest issue with this school in general is the lack of safeguarding and pure negligence of the anti-bullying policies.
When I was at Henry Cort, due to me and my friends not fitting in with any of the more popular kids, we were bullied continuously throughout the school years. This resulted in poor grades and severe confidence issues due to being terrified to enter the school grounds. We were physically assaulted by the students who picked on us and terrorised every break and lunch, and nothing would come from it. When we retaliated, it was we who got the punishment.
Now my siblings go to this school and it has gotten worse. Physical assaults have become more frequent and staff are refusing to allow bullied students to vacate the grounds at a safe time/space. Nothing ever seems to be done and it is effecting mental health. It is truly saddening to see.
One rule for the bullies and another for the less fortunate. Disgusting.
Oct 15, 2021


Not a single day in that school do I not think about leaving the class. They prioritise good results over actually controlling a class and often just wait until they can send the misbehaving people to Ready To Learn. Aside from that, the ********* is something out of a children’s book, absolutely nasty. You don’t want the children in your school to be scared of you or hate you- so why take pride in a community in which your own staff dislike you. If they gave the students more freedom with how they look, where they’re sat etc, they wouldn’t have half the school wishing they weren’t there. Think about the students, not how everyone else sees them
Sep 4, 2021

One big problem

The staff are too scared to deal with the biggest problem, bad behaviour.

If the good kids drop the tiniest bit below their standard, they're punished and made to feel guilty.

But the constantly badly behaved kids committing literal hate crimes on a daily basis?
Yeah Henry Cort sees no problem with that.
Jul 12, 2021

Henry Cort

Overall good school. Produces good results, decent environment, room for improvement.

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