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Sep 21, 2023

Lovely little school

Lovely school, small classes. Brand new MUGA pitch for PE facilities.
Sep 20, 2023

A school family

Such a warm friendly school that puts the children first. My children are so happy and are all doing very well. So glad we found it!
Sep 20, 2023

One of the best decisions I’ve made.

I am so happy I found this school. Both of my children have attended primary and are now enjoying their secondary education. All of the teachers know all of the children which makes for a friendly relationship between school, parent and pupil. There is an emphasis on Christian faith, as I would expect at a Christian faith school. The children are encouraged to talk about faith and religion in a safe and respectful environment whether they have a Christian faith or not. I was undecided for a while about sending my eldest child part way through year 5. So he did a couple of taster days. And he loved it from day 1. He’s now been part of the school for 5 years. If you are unsure then I urge you to visit. Either an open day or take a tour because words can’t describe the wonderful atmosphere of the school.
Sep 16, 2023

Fantastic school

Fantastic school! Small classes, caring staff and a thriving community feeling to the school. Really pleased with it both academically and for pastoral support.
Sep 16, 2023

God at the centre

A wonderful Christian school with dedicated teaching staff.
Former Student
Apr 2, 2022

Discrimination is rampant

Toxic religious beliefs forced upon young students, being a Christian school is perfectly okay, but frightening messages are told to pupils
Lots of discrimination, very homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sexist and unwelcoming to those of different religious beliefs or those who question theirs, resulting in some students not feeling safe in school and wanting to/avoiding coming in due to poor mental health or fear of teachers
Little support with mental health issues
Unprofessional teachers, very invasive and involved in pupils personal lives, these intimate details are often passed around the school among teachers and students
Poor funding, students have to clean their school and facilities are quite bad
Students are not able to voice complaints and the school has made very little effort to change
Very controlling and excessive rules, for example, you are forbidden from standing in the classrooms during breaks/lunch
Male teachers comment on the way girls are sitting and skirt length is frequently mentioned, despite it being mandatory for girls to wear shorts underneath their skirts
Not enough staff, on several occasions no teacher is available to teach, they are very late or a substitute is given who only supervises instead of teaches
However, I will praise the school for the lack of bullying between students and the lack of drugs, smoking and alcohol. However many students have said they feel bullied by the teachers and feel they are far too controlling
I also will praise the way this school does GCSEs early as I think it is a great system to help students get some out of the way, although some students have felt that they wish they hadn't done then so young as felt they didn't take it seriously. There is also a limited choice for option subjects due to lack of staff, which can limit students opportunities in life
I do not remember ever seeing Ofsted inspect this school while I was attending
Former Student
Aug 25, 2021

The kings school summary

Great friendly teachers, but poor facilities. Equal rights are not shown and sometimes discriminatory towards non-religious students. Recommended for a Christian student who wants a more happy school life rather than an educational one.

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