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Student · September 2, 2020
Student · September 2, 2020
shit just not good, just shit

Don’t go to mosslands

Former Student · August 24, 2020
Former Student · August 24, 2020
What a terrible school, everything is treated horribly and so everything is broken, the toilets are covered in shit, people smoke weed in the bathrooms and don’t get me started on the staff. The receptionists are all rude and try to ridicule people who come in, and quite a few of the teachers just hate children. My old English literature teacher bullied me specifically, I had adhd and couldn’t concentrate in her lessons because she didn’t make them interesting and I would occasionally chat to my mates who were next to me, she would refer to me by my last name and ridicule me specifically. If someone else said anything it would be “shut up” which is still no way to treat children, but if it was me, I would get “how very dare you speak in my lesson? You I’ll never get anywhere in life. You disgust me” she was also pretty short and everybody hated her.
Even the other students make the school worse, they all bully people for being anything but quiet and even if they are quiet they get bullied for that.
Not to mention the horrible excuse of a cafeteria they had, the flapjacks would be tough as stone and all the food was reheated or frozen
All in all don’t go here
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Mosslands Drive, CH45 8PJ, Wallasey