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Nov 21, 2023

Do not attend thus school.

Teachers trying to intimidate you and punishment the students with no proof they did anything.Very bad school have an assembly just to tell the kids be good because of-stead is coming.Feels like you are in a prison.Teachers don't let you go to the toilets during lesson and they don't let you go during breaks then the teachers put on sanctions when students go to the toilet.
Oct 10, 2023

The Nobel School policy.

Jul 12, 2023

ABYSMAL. Close it.

Disgraceful school. Beyond bad. Poor attitude towards children and parents who have a problem that needs serious addressing. Discrimination and prejudice towards students and children when dealing with additional needs. They favour boys over girls but in general, will let anyone slide through the system with no support if they need it. The Bridge is just an area you get told to go to if you seem to be struggling with your additional needs. Children of parents or staff in the area are clicky and actually gossip or bully in order to isolate. They blamed one good looking talented lad who played football for pushing another pupil down a few steps but he didn't do it. The parent demanded CCTV be looked at and it showed that he did not do it at all so that was a complete fail on their part and also questionable. Alot if jealousy from those Karen's in the area, predominantly racist and Conservative or of a nature that wants to know why everyone isn't like them (why would you want to be?). Nobel is actually the guy who invented the atomic bomb for the Russians. Go figure the links of how these people operate. They only care about what it looks like on the outside but scratch the surface and you will see a whole plethora of ignorant government boot licking miserable staff that treat the children like zoo animals to say the least and a performing circus to alleviate the pressure of their so called 'academic achievement'. A joke of a business. They are racist and they stick together with it. They seem quite perverted also and dismissive of anything they have done wrong...brush under carpet. They seem to cherry pick who they want to boost up in school and who they would rather not deal with. If a child succeeds outside of school, they immediately show boat the child for their gratification but not help that child with support with their additional needs. Kids are bullied in Yr 7 and 8 mostly and targeted. Local Karen parents in the area feel threatened so they click together and snitch or lie to staff to make that person suffer more. These people are very miserable and horrible on the inside. Another young girl left because the school were not supportive and dismissive. She won a pride of the towns award for being a climate hero and they show boated her as if to say, that is OUR pupil. She dislikes the school and how they made her feel. It was also harassment in pushing her to do things when she was in pain. I see the receptionist let out white students but ignore the black students or of ethnic minority. Usually you will notice it is the staff and their weird behaviour that puts this school into a requires improvement and safeguarding measures. Bullying in the bathrooms and it is filthy. Sanitary towls not disposed of properly and a condom found on the gate of the school is actually revolting. Cleaners don't want to be there and do the bare minimum. Hoovering just doesn't make it clean. The school has far too many students (over 1400) for a school that isn't that big and the outside isn't much and is dominated by the boys playing football. You are not allowed outside of the school on breaks unless you are 6th form. There is a busy road out side the doors and has alot of speeding from vehicles. A girl in year 7 was knocked over in 2021. Usually full of dog mess and litter outside the school with alot of kids vaping to and from school sharing nudes on their phones and laughing about it. Teachers steal ideas of others and don't succeed in the quality of subjects or personal performance for the pupils, again only the few chosen. Many collecting their GCSE say they didn't like coming back to collect them due to the bad experiences and thank goodness that was over and didn't continue their A Level here. Tons of favouritism and almost in a creepy, groomy way. Odd police visits up at the school as well with no notification as to why the police were sitting there watching children go into the school gates in the morning. Some kids were thieving from the tesco in the morning and breaks, causing problems for staff. They would go into the park near Cook Road after school and vape, swear like sailers and drink beer, litter with junk food, sweet wrappers fizzy drinks, smoke weed, and go on the park apparatus which put off local families going to many times. When notified to the school about this issue the school said it had nothing to do with them as it is out of school hours but the teens are in full school uniform still so it is Nobel issue. With almost 1500 pupils at the school, you either wait 25 mins in a line to get served lunch or go without. The ones that go without are unable to go outside the school but try to escape to go to the tesco. Some kids who had no lunch would walk around harassing those with packed lunch. Take away the 2 last letters of the name of the school then you get it's true nature. I would warn you not to let your kid go here, it requires improvement 100% and even the white get bullied if they are jealous enough of you. Competitive. Nether the less, those who are vile in Nob won't get far in society just like the staff sitting there all miserable and hateful, also, the parents with those kids acting out of hate. They really have alot to learn in terms of respect, religion, the outside world as a whole and maybe get some perspective and travel more. Life isn't all about grades and I hope you and your staff and kids get good luck when you leave because you will need it. Research and leave. You are not a tree, you can move. They seem so stuck in their negative ways. Maybe act in good faith and take up the classes that help you heal that negative out of you and find yourselves, that would be a great start. I would rather use their made up curriculum and policy as loo roll that they seem to never have. Employ teachers of ethnic minority backgrounds. Introduce world foods and implement a system that actually helps support health and well being. Ditch the noose around the neck and stiff blazers. You never will. As I said, government boot licking and a name that is actually very shameful to be associated with. The Peace Prize award was actually suggested by Nobels lady friend who said it will make him look good if he does a prize to award peace rather than carry on with his reputation of bomb making business for the Russians. So it is all fake. They are immensely discombobulated. The house names are just the prize winners of 'Peace'. That school holds no peace within its heart towards the pupils and their outcomes. Anyone can do a DofE. I did mine in year 7. Anyone can take a trip but did you embrace and respect it's culture and learn the language properly or just go because it looks cool. Anyone can visit an art gallery or museum but do you know about the history of that painter or how where the diamonds in the crown actually come from? No. Get an honest opinion from others and wake up for your own sake. I wish you the best of luck out of it. Some students their are actually very nice and deserve a decent education great teachers not supply teachers in and out each season. You will find many teachers leave as they see through the whole schools ways and disagree with how they operate. The ones still there and claim to have been apart of it since it opened or are now Governing it, well there you go. Overly biased, no other life or interest of anything out of their tiny narcissistic and unlawful comfort zones and will do anything to blow their own trumpet, no matter how embarrassing it looks. Nob-odies. Example of history was to choose out of 4 English kings that deserved to rule. Nobody was worthy. The only one you could choose was one that doesn't want any immigrants into the country. This was around the time the Conservatives pushed for Brexit. Laughable and embarrassing again. It gets political with the content of the curriculum as it is derived from the government and literally rammed into your kids brain without consent...just like many other things. Hitler invented the Highway. Some argue that he was such a great guy because of this. That is how this school is. Personally I am in an amazing and supportive college now and glad I left at the start. My cousin goes there and his mental health worsened due to the pressure of him being pushed to perform higher than he already is. He can't even make his own bed so unsure how that will help him in life or when he leaves. This place is a business, only thinks about performance, pleasing the gov and the money. They are ignorant about other things and it calls for emergency inspection and closure. OFSTED need to intervene as it is cruising and getting away with serious incidents. I stand by every statement calling it out and the more you do that the better changes you will see for the children's future or it closed to protect them Can't see an improvement. If you can, put your child into Barclay (see their results and data) instead or any other school school in East Herts area. It isn't worth touching this place or the others with a barge pole.
Mar 29, 2022


Purely and simply not good enough

Workload is generally too high or not enough, when students give suggestions they're usually twisted and turned into different ideas that suit the teachers more, classes are generally demotivating and nothing's being done to sort out the clear issues with bullying because students lack the confidence to talk to someone that they don't entirely trust. My own test scores have been decreasing as a result of stress and lack of motivation and the litter everywhere makes the atmosphere abysmal.
Former Student
Mar 28, 2022

Gud skool

Gud skool Tagt mi very wel
Former Student
Mar 28, 2022

non racist

gud skool dis taght mi vory wull
Former Student
Jan 27, 2022

Brilliant school.

This school cannot be faulted. It is absolutely brilliant. The food is great and varied. The teachers are amazing and diverse! You can tell they have had multicultural training. And you can’t forget the brilliant special needs centre (the bridge) that will help with any of your learning or mental difficulties (even if they are outside of school problems). The school cleaners are very good at their job and work hard to keep the school clean at all times.
Jan 7, 2022

Internal review of nobel

Teachers and students are racist homophobic they do not care about mental health doesn't take bullying seriously allow students t skive lessons high usages of drugs kids smoking and vaping on school grounds as young year7 specific teachers making fun of certain kids corrupt teachers
Jul 24, 2021

Decent for learning, terrible for basic health.

The school is alright at most things. The school’s biggest priority is your appearance over your mental well-being. Overall, teachers are kind but will have no problem in telling you that you should have emailed if you have a problem with work- despite the fact they never bother to answer.

If your a kid who does well, the teachers will let you do anything you want. If your a kid who can’t perform as well, the teachers basically flip a coin to decide if you should be thrown out the class or not.

Apart from that, and the hair in the school meals, the school is pretty decent. (Unless you include the multitude of slurs and horrible sanitary conditions).
Former Student
Jul 18, 2021


This school was very bad with mental health. The teachers were letting people of all age/races/gender make fun of others. My experience with transphobia and general homophobia was very hard on me escpecially since they didn’t ha due my attempts well. They put in isolation for over a month because I attempted instead of letting me or helping me get better. There were racist teacher that had power over child safety and was very inappropriate. I can say however my final year was one of the best. Though my experience and my friends weren’t good. I’m glad to say there are teachers who are trying to make the school better and improve their ignorance.

My performance in school was average although I was out of it a lot due to personal reasons. They do not help those with special needs as much as they should and do not acquire the facilities for those with hdhd,add,dyslexia,autism ect. The teachers were generally ignorant in acknowledging that students were gifted in other subjects rather their own and made the child feel bad for not being good at everything. Which is a big struggle for alot of kids.

The teaching skills were very different on each class. The best was science because it was interactive and head down and read type. Aswell as pshe/re which is very important for every day modern life. I’m sorry to say that if you have a left sided opinion or are lgbtq your opinion will not seem to matter much in the topic.

The indoor environment was pleasant but very dirty. Although that was mainly the children’s fault. The outdoor was great but only certain people were allowed on certain areas (before covid)

It is not that safe of a school. There are risk like all schools have but there are areas where things can easily move and fall or break on someone. The security is weak and not many adults are present to stop fights,climbing walls ect

The activities were average they tailored to all different areas and were easy to access

The teachers are ignorant most the time. There are very few teachers I’ve heard and been in contact with that listen to what we as children need to get to our goal and beyond.

This school is not good at handling bullying and I suffered through it since I started primary. There’s not good way to handle it because there’s always somehow they’ll carry on. But even to the last day I and many others were to scared to go out of our classroom to sign our friends shirt and visa versa

Equal rights seems to be a big thing for them but in practice they are terrible at it men and women
Trans and cis straight and gay or anything else no one was treated equally in practice.
Jul 12, 2021

mentally draining

It says it's a welcoming and equal school but it really isn't. a lot of the teachers are very biased with topics such as racism and bullying but won't bat an eye to their 'favourite' white students doing god knows what. the double standards is horrendous and the way they prioritize things are way out of order, they're stricter about you not wearing the proper pe socks than you getting bullied
Jun 29, 2021

Its a bit bad

This school I ok but there bullying system is SHIT and all the bad kids will be praised for just doing nothing.
ayo wassup
Jun 22, 2021


Teachers are kinda racist. When white kids ask to go to the toilet they say yes but when black kids do they say no. Also they banned whatsapp and sent parents an angry email about it. Basically, it up to the school on what we cant do inside and out in school.

In addition, no one give af about bullying.

Overall if your not white dont go to this school.
Jun 21, 2021


Bad school

My freind who is brown has expeianced bulling and told the teaxhers abojt it some say stop sniching some say we will sort it out and never do
Jun 11, 2021

just no no

its a meh school, the teachers didnt solve any of my bulling problems. the cafateria hygine rating has to be a 2.
Jun 11, 2021

It ok

I've been in this school for about 2 years now and some of the teachers are just terrible.
Feb 22, 2021 poor

The teaching lacks excitement, it doesn't feel like a proper school. They look and sound like they just don't want to be here and that makes the experience demotivating. Bullying is ignored on a regular basis, nothing is done to combat misbehaving students, and above all, they will prioritise their own reputation over the support and development of their students, similar to the conditions of a corrupt business. Teachers are accused of racism (unconfirmed) but it goes unnoticed - where an act of sorts should be seriously investigated, even if found to be false.

I tried so hard to be a success at Nobel yet it seemed like most of the staff were trying to actively hold me back and effectively screw me over. Tried to hold tutoring sessions at some point but kept being forwarded to another staff member until it came full circle back to the first person I asked. Any time you want to enhance your own progression, you'll be taken for granted and slapped around like yesterday's news. I genuinely believe that if it wasn't for this school, I would've got better grades in all subjects I took.

Honestly, the way it's run is a joke and I can't wait until the day this school is run to the ground thanks to poor management and terrible staff attitude. There were some good teachers, don't get me wrong, but generally, it was a mistake to think I would be happy here.
Former Student
Jan 19, 2021

Not a good experience

The school cares more if your top button is done up than if you’re failing. The headteacher is mildly racist and very sexist and they care more about leader boards than educating kids. In my time there I saw kids with higher grades get far more leniency whilst kids who struggled were asked to leave. That being said some teachers were lovely (despite the high turn over rate)
Former Student
Dec 28, 2020

Do not reccomend

Teachers were incredibly disrespectful to me and only cared about me getting high grades. During my time there i was sexually abused by another student, teachers didn't care until police were involved, even then they didn't even do the bare minimum they were asked. If you are disabled, have mental health issues or something that affects your work don't even think about going there, they lose your health records, don't go by your health plan and act like you're lying about having issues to get out of school. I could go on about even more things they have done but they aren't worth anymore of my time. They do things to look like they care but it's just to cover their own backsides
Nov 21, 2020

bad time

the school only gives a shit about your appearance. and i literally asked the headteacher what his fav tellitubby was and somehow my parents found out

how tf am i gonna be able to tell them something if they tell my fucking parents about me asking about tellitubbys for fucks sake

plus there’s always fucking hairs in the food

the teachers only care about the students who act worse than the good students and praise them for literally nothing
Oct 29, 2020

I hate it here!

The school really only care about appearance and how you are dressed rather than your education, to be honest the teachers are only there for the money.
Oct 13, 2020

Nobel school

School can be clean at times at a push. No teachers really seem like they all care and only there for the money. Do not follow strict orders based on government laws before any of this COVID and especially with it. It’s more about how well your looking and dressed compared to how well your doing academically. Overall the school needs lots more changes to its system or just knocked down
Sep 16, 2020

Nobel review

Good education,care more about how the students look then learning.

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