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Jan 8, 2024

Bullying needs sorting

My Daughter is being bullied,and i am not getting much help from the school. I am having to keep her at home to keep her safe. She is too scared to go out after school on her own as they are now coming to our home looking for her. So worried they will hurt her or she will hurt herself.
Jun 15, 2023

Not the best when helping people

I am in my first year in my Toynbee, and I have had some many friend/general issues with the school so far. I only now feel like I am getting the help I need and that is only after my parents made a complaint about it. I don’t think that it is right that they need someone to tell them how to do there job.
Feb 12, 2022

Scratch the surface to see the real picture.

This school has many issues of concern from a parent's perspective. If I had the choice I would send my child to another school in the area but many of the schools here are over subscribed.

Bullying is a serious issue where some students are bullied daily and little is done to help. There is poor supervision of students at transition times and during breaks that put students at risk. Many parental concerns are met with disingenuous concern from staff and nothing changes.

Safeguarding is extremely poor. Drugs, social media filming and bullying and violence on site are frequent events. This seems to either be going unnoticed or staff cannot be bothered to resolve it.

There are some very good staff here but they are reserved for the older students and the younger years get the inexperienced, poorly organised and planned teachers. There is little monitoring of staff competency and cover teachers are appalling. There is quite a frequent turnover of staff and gaps in subject areas of qualified staff.

If your child is within the top 20% they are treated well with rewarding events and acknowledgement of achievement is made to them and parents. However, if your child needs more support or adaptations this isn't always readily made.
Jan 21, 2022


This school is vile,I had the worst experience there,my tutor was racist and she would never say my name in the register,I went to speak to the head of year about it and she just ignored it,people were saying I'm a refugee and telling me to move back to my country.
Former Student
Jan 5, 2022

Not the best student experience

The school itself is not that bad in terms of teaching however the policies against racism is vile.
I was called the nword by a student in my tutor and they said to multiple people of colour that we had black syndrome and to go back to our own countries. We reported this to the head of our year and she told us that they would deal with it. The student was given punishment of HALF A DAY in isolation and was bragging about it to us after. It was defeating and their mindset didn’t change at all. It is a mainly white school, but there could be way more improvement on dealing with racism.

I don’t know how the canteen system is now but it was definitely too small for all of the school and there was a weird system where we had to line up outside in the cold to get inside and get food. There was seating inside however there was a rule that once you finished your food you had to leave immediately to make space. There was one teacher supervisor that picked on many kids who were definitely in there to eat with their friendship group and kicked them out while the rest still were eating. Where is the other kid supposed to go? This teacher told my friendship group that the canteen is like a fancy restaurant, where you were only allowed to sit if eating. Our years prefect team tried to fix this seating problem but it wasn’t enough.

Also for children who don’t immediately get picked up after school, there’s not much for them to do but sit in the reception or go to the library until 4pm when it closes.
Former Student
Jan 5, 2021

Fit in or suffer

I got bullied the whole way through and my guidance manager did nothing but blame me for it. Many teachers have favourites and make it known.

I was always top of the class until I got severely depressed in yr 10 when my grades dropped dramatically- most of my teachers were concerned but one shouted at me while the class was queued up just outside the door and told me I was just being lazy. No miss, I was su*cidal and you already knew I had anxiety.

That said, most of my teachers were lovely. Really kind and supportive. One particular science teacher pretty much became my second dad when I was at my lowest, without him, I wouldn’t be here writing this today.

Point is, if you fit in you’ll be fine. But if you don’t, good luck surviving.

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