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Jan 16, 2024

Bad school

I went to this school and now homeschooled because it was that bad, they don't care about mental health whatsoever and force you to attend no matter what you're dealing with

I only became homeschooled because they just kept forcing me in until I was actually drained and felt like I hadn't slept at all even if I did sleep
Former Student
Jun 22, 2023

Not as bad as people say!

This school is not as bad as people are making it out to be, sure it has its flaws but doesn’t every school?
The Vyne and its amazing staff taught me so much and helped guide me through my GCSEs when I sat them. I made so many lifelong friends and will remember my time there forever. The food we get given is good for what it is at least in my experience (I mainly brought packed lunches). The cleanliness around school could be improved despite constant efforts of teachers attempting to stop student bringing/eating food inside.
Overall I would recommend this school for parents who live locally. It’s quite a small school so you child will have no trouble settling in.
Jan 20, 2023

Bad Teachers.

The Vyne School is one of the worst secondary schools and I regret sending my child there. Poor teaching with little development of education and little regard for the well-being of students. On top of that, the problem lies within the teachers and their attitudes towards kids. They do not care if a child has been bullied or discriminated. Absolutely disgusting. I would have rather homeschooled my kids then put them through that hell-hole!
Former Student
Nov 13, 2022


i got bullied and the teachers did nothing leading me to move schools and still send my mum emails that i’m not in
Former Student
Sep 15, 2022

The Vyne

My time at the vyne was an overall ok time. It has great teachers who are all so lovely, the classrooms are great and well stocked with pens and things like that. The food at break is ok it's not the best but it's edible, the headteacher is....alright.....but the rules are all so very ridiculous such as a 'hands free school ' where you can't touch anyone even with permission. So overall it's 3 stars however I wouldn't recommend sending your child there
Former Student
May 19, 2022

The Definition Of A Joke.

A absolute terrible experience, its been nearly 2 years since I left and my experience there still affects me now, How students treat each other is absolutely ridiculous, the staff do absolutely nothing to prevent issues from carrying on, They do not take issues seriously and they do absolutely nothing for students with mental health issues other than try and convince them they don't really have mental health issues, The amount of students I had seen or heard that had mental issues due to how they were treated was ridiculous, the staff DO NOT know how to control bad behaved students, The whole school is a The definition of a joke, DO NOT go there. You will regret it.
May 4, 2022

bad school

has weird teaches that always go up to u also the headteacher is a horrible person who is racist and doesn’t care about anyones feelings. whenever there is an incident the staff say they will sort it but never do and just put you in detention thinking that will solve anything. they don’t care about ur wellbeing and only care about what ur results are on tests. it’s disgusting.
Former Student
Feb 19, 2022

Do not go here.

Handled homophobia, racism and sexism poorly here. School reeks of white male privilege. Rarely any action is taken when these issues are brought up.
Feb 11, 2022

Do not action cyber bullying

Absolutely disgusting school who did nothing when 2 of their pupils spread lies abount my child at a different school. Theu claimed to investigate when in reality they phoned my childs school then decided it was a matter for the police worst buck passing i ever saw and no they did not ask my permission if they could indeed discuss my child with her school in relation to this incident
Dec 9, 2021

absolute hell hole

being at this school was the worst 5 years of my life and i’ve never been happier since the second i left. i was completely neglected by the ‘support systems’ they had in place despite having undiagnosed autism and even though the school was aware of this, they tried to make me think i wasn’t autistic and told me my symptoms weren’t real. i could not unreccommend this place enough nobody gives a damn about your mental health, never felt so unsupported.
Former Student
Oct 17, 2021


Terrible school with a racist headteacher as well as teachers in general. Unnecessary rules have been enforced and no action was ever taken against discrimination from other students to one another. We were promised change however we never got it.
Jul 19, 2021

Absolutely horrible

I mean like the headteacher doesnt care about our mental heath all she cares about is how well we do on our exams also putting up 1 poster on not to be homophobic thinks that will fix all the homophobia even though recently the LGTBQIA+ poster has been clearly ripped down (i know this because theres ripped paper around the pins) and clearly they must have seen who did it on CCTV and it hasnt been put back up and its been almost 2 weeks and idk if the person who did it got a punishment.
Ella Hayward
Feb 14, 2021


****** head teacher, doesn't care about the students
Former Student
Jan 9, 2021

Headteacher is horrible

The school was great until the old headteacher left and it just went downhill. The new headteacher said she cared about the students and their mental but she clearly didn't. Grades were the top priority for her which I understand but I personally think the students are more important. She also brought in unnecessary rules that made no sense to anyone with how it would make the school better for anyone. After I left it got even worse with the racisim. Would never recommend this school to anyone.

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