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Sep 27, 2023

Don’t even think about sending your children here

I cannot understand why this school has gone so long without an Ofsted inspection. It is not well run. Teachers don’t even notice or follow up if your child fails to attend.
Jun 8, 2023

Shit and shit

It’s not very good can’t go to toilets or get water during lessons most of the toilets have no doors or don’t work. And teacher give our head of years like the sun gives out heat.
Former Student
May 11, 2023

Terrible school

I used to go to this school until somebody litterally tried to kill me and tge school did nothing about it. One of thd teachers also locks students in cupboards as punishment. Tge school have no regards to the students mental health. Do better
Feb 13, 2022


No where to sit, or take shelter if it’s raining. The way teachers deal with incidents is horrendous. It’s either something serious, (racism etc) and they will do something about it or if there’s been a fight etc, they won’t do anything.
Education is okay. Teachers are loud and clear but they don’t actually care for the students, eg ‘if you come here at lunchtime I can sit down and help you with work’ when actually they are at the canteen on the teachers table shoving fish and chips down their gob.
They are supportive of LGBTQ+ and make it so students are aware. (assembly and posters arround the school)

However, the school likes to waste their money on things that are completely unnecessary. Some classrooms are falling to peices with chipping paint, and other things that need repairs. But! The school decides to put up photos of famous people and plaster them on the windows?!

It hasn’t had a ofted inspection scince 2015 i beileve. (OFSTED, babe. Check on the school. Xx)
Aug 17, 2021

The woodroffe school :is it really outstanding

Although this school proves to succeed in its grades and academic prowess, it severely lacks in its ability to nurture young people. First of all, the little support that is given does not take into account the personal needs and backgrounds of their students. Hate incidents easily pass unnoticed by staff, and the ones that do get called up upon are not dealt with seriously. As well as this, the school rules regarding uniform include dictating hair length and enforcing the absence of any facial hair, which is completely natural and should not be associated with negative consequences as this leads to insecurity and mental health issues later in life. Also,there is not enough outdoor seating to support the population of over 1,000 students. Additionally the only shelter provided is reserved for the Year 7s and the sixth form is allowed inside but for the other years there is no protection from the rain and wind that inevitably comes with the worsening global climate.The students are told they can go inside in bad weather but that doesn't account for missing teachers and teachers not willing to accommodate students in their classrooms.When students protest this they are met by phrases such as "it's not my job". Apparently some teachers are doing the job just for the money aspect not to educate and enrich the lives of their students
Mar 25, 2021

Yay woodroffe

Amazing school with amazing staff, inspired a life long love of learning in me. Always motivated to do more:)
Nov 10, 2020

The best

Excellent school with amazing teachers that have supported and encouraged me throughout my time here.

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