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Oct 10, 2023

Student services is so so rude

I think the school is average, the teachers are good and stuff. But I think a very big problem is student services. The student services team is probably some of the rudest most disrespectful group of people shoved into one room. You are not to go there during lessons if you are ill, but you also are not allowed during break or lunch without a slip from your teacher. So how are you supposed to get medical help? Apart from Jack (the school nurse and nicest person in there, icon mwah love you) They instantly interrogate you as if it's the Spanish Inquisition. They are so rude, literally shutting the door in students' faces, gossiping and laughing about other students behind their backs (mind you these are middle-aged women with clearly nothing better to do). They refuse to let people go home even if they literally faint like what happened to my friend. They refuse to let you ring home for your parents to pick you up, they do it for you but with an attitude. Honestly, they have a severe attitude problem and should not be working in a place of refuge and care for people who are: sick, injured, or special needs. I have seen them deny people with special needs to go to Learning Plus (where they can get extra support and attention, basically a quiet place for them to be able to learn). They downplay people's situations, for example, sports injuries with bleeding noses and bashed faces they give an ice pack, do not even let you go back to your lesson with one and only let them stay there for 15 minutes. If you say you are ill but giggle slightly at something they will literally say with such a rude attitude "What are you snickering about, go on, what is it? Because you laughing clearly means you are not ill". That person was literally coughing so much, does laughing only occur when you are medically well? They ask for your temperature and act like that is the only possible thing to determine if you are ill. They literally scanned someone who was clearly ill as there was a bug going around, put the thermometer to her said you are okay go back to the lesson, and shut the door right in her face. They also shut the blinds during lessons to deter anyone from going in which I think is super wrong. Altogether I understand some people may go there to try to avoid lessons but clearly, they favour and baby the boys who do so and have a good old giggle with them. But it doesn't mean they can shut out every.single.person and somehow have such an attitude with everyone else. Honestly, I had such a bad experience with them and I just felt really ill and I needed to go home, but I felt so disrespected by them and that they were being extremely unfair to people. Would not recommend.
Jul 4, 2023

shit hole.

mate there is no way to sugarcoat how bad this school, don't bring your kids here man, the teachers are horrid and couldn't give to shits about how you feel, there are only some good teachers, you come to this school your gonna give kid fuckin brain damage, half the teachers are pedos and look up the girls skirts. this place is shit with dealing with racism and dealing with mental issues, if you have a disability they instantly deam you as special.

Former Student
Jul 7, 2022

please keep your kids away

don't send your kids here this school is disgusting. teachers love ganging up on students and manipulating parents to believe their child is always wrong. racist teachers that get away with saying terrible things to students. this school is not memories of a happy childhood it is memories you want to forget.
Sep 28, 2021

It’s ok but majors flaws

Bullying is rarely fully sorted out detentions for nothing however if your good in classes they’ll cherish you but if your not well…
Jun 2, 2021

academia based

focuses on academia and image rather than students :/
Apr 4, 2021

Uckfield is bad

abit bad becuase they teachers bully students and make them feel bad
Apr 4, 2021

Lack Academic Focus

Entirely image focused school, heads of department so focused on uniform and reputation they lose focus on their struggling students.
Oct 16, 2020

Good school

The school is a very good school for education but they do give out detentions for nothing

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