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May 7, 2024

Dash unit

He'll on earth

Too much bullying and when the school is informed they just pass the buck even though their are numerous complaints about the same bullies avoid at all costs this place will destroy your child's mental health and say they see nothing
Dec 9, 2023

Horrific school full of bullies

Since my child started s1, they were bullied relentlessly every time they set foot in this school, and the school did absolutely nothing about it when my child was attacked they were terrified to go back their
the only “solution” the school gave us was for them to go on a part time timetable that isolated them from their friends and prevented them from going to their classes😡

This review will 100% be taken down by the school but I will keep reposting this to make sure parents out there know what this school is like behind closed doors

Parents mark my words

Send your kids elsewhere!!!
Dec 7, 2023

Absolutely shocking school avoid at all costs

My child has been getting bullied and is continuously being attacked and nothing has ever got dealt with and the only thing that was done is that they got put in pupil support and isolated from everyone else.
To avoid being bullied, my child would always be avoiding and skipping classes so they wouldn’t have slurs shouted at them as soon as they enter their classes, they can’t walk from class to class without the same group of kids harassing them to the extent that it’s started to affect their grades.
I have lost all trust in this school after my child was grabbed by the throat by one of the bullies and being told “oh I want to f******
k!** you” school responded with “oh that’s just young people joking around just laugh it off” they were also held up at kn!fe point in one of the bathrooms and all the school did was phone me to come and collect them early the school
The school is one of the most overcrowded schools in Scotland and it’s extremely overcapacity teachers can’t control the kids and that how theirs lots of kids being attacked and bullied.
most of the staff are extremely rude and theirs lack of communication

Avoid at all costs!!!!!
Jun 9, 2023

view forh

view forth makes me feel sad i always get left out
Nov 2, 2022

just not impressed

not impressed with the office staff today tbh they were very rude and quick to criticise me and my fellow student when we were doing nothing wrong we were ‘misinformed’ by teaching staff and the office just berated us. very poor and cant say it’s the first time i’ve felt this way
May 23, 2022

Just average

Nothing works school meals r crap some teacher r nice
May 19, 2022

Extremely poor

Awful disorganised school with an awful attitude can't control the kids can't be bothered to contact parents. Can't keep teachers or staff because of how awful it is. Avoid this awful cesspit for your kids if you can
Jan 10, 2021


could handle mential and racial abuse a bit better
Jan 10, 2021


not the best school ever they could have more facilitys for icolation and could deal with bullying a bit better and there is a lot of racial abuse
Nov 23, 2020


The school is mediocre but the school isn't big enough and they only just got guidance teachers this year. Even with the guidance teachers they don't handle bullying well enough
Oct 16, 2020


it's alright but it's not big enough for all the students
Windmill Community Campus, KY1 3AL, Windmill Road
01592 583408

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