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Former Student
Apr 16, 2024

Crack cooking

Nasty school

Jakey school, there’s rats in the toilets
Oct 13, 2023



such a shit school. don’t recommend sending your kids here as most teachers are severely disrespectful and only focus on themselves. no consideration taken to kids mental health at all, highly recommend you DO NOT send any of your kids here as it is not a good school.

fights are violent, no respect at all.
thank gosh i left when i did 😖
Former Student
Sep 10, 2023

School is disgusting

School is atrocious. I’m not even joking when I say there was a rat in the toilet, I have a picture of it and if I could I’d put it up on here. There’s far more than that but my review will get locked if I make it too long. Bullying and fights are brutal and happen every day, fire alarm gets pulled frequently, death threats from chavs that the teachers are too scared to discipline, don’t send your kids here it’s such an awful school.
Former Student
Sep 8, 2023

This school needs investigating

Absolute jakey school, hate it. Do not send your kids here because it isn’t safe at all. The way the school deals with bullying is horrific, the food is awful and the toilets are minging.
There are fights literally every day, people vaping, smoking and doing drugs around every corner, and so much more which I’m going to list.

1) Majority of the school are either junkies or awful people. There are barely any representable people at all.

2) The Prefects are on such a power trip, they guard each stairwell like they’re outside Buckingham palace or something, they don’t let you upstairs at break and lunch and are useless aside from making the school look good (which it isn’t).

3) Bullying is a massive problem, and it never gets dealt with. Also there have been many cases of the teachers being the bullies themselves. The school likes to cover this up by stating that they are “the best school in fife”, which is so far from the truth. The school never addresses any of its many issues with student’s mental health and suffering due to other students. It is made very clear that the school does not value the student’s wellbeing at all.

4) People getting beaten up/jumped nearly every day, not to mention the most recent one which was all over the news.

5) The school is extremely unhygienic, there was a rat in the toilet at one point and the head teacher told all of us that the “pipes froze and burst” and we all had to get sent home. Wafflers.

6) Gum under every single desk which never gets cleaned

7) The toilets are rank, there’s usually urine all over the floor and random weird stuff written on the walls. One time someone picked up feces from in the toilet and put it on the toilet roll holder.

8) Racism/homophobia/sexism never gets dealt with, and I’m pretty sure it’s encouraged

9) The school looks like a warehouse

If you think our school is “nice” and “posh” then you need to go to specsavers.
Former Student
Mar 18, 2023

Still can't deal with bullies

I was bullied the entire time I was there and nothing was done. My so called Guidance Teacher blamed me. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital because of it and when I came back nothing changed. Same so called Guidance Teacher tried to ruin my higher choices till a Depute Rector took my side. Had I known then what I know now, I would have sued.

Given recent headlines, I am not surprised to see that bullying still goes on.

I was delighted when they demolished the old place. Shame they did not use explosives.
Nov 24, 2022

could be worse

teachers and facilities are mostly fine (except the toilets which are a disgrace). how the school deals with issues (for example, sexist teachers and bullying) is horrendous.
Former Student
Dec 11, 2021

Waid holds children hostage

I know someone who gets bullied at this school, they want to move but school are threatening to not let them leave. is this illegal? is this school a prison? I think yes
Former Student
Dec 11, 2021

School unfair

I Ken a lad from the school that is treated like a terrorist the teachers full on tell him to get away from the pupil support unit when he means no threat they are unfair and nasty love out to you Big man Levi
Former Student
Dec 11, 2021

Pupils in Waid are being held hostage at waid

I know someone who gets bullied at this school, they want to move but school are threatening to not let them leave. is this illegal? is this school a prison? I think yes
Former Student
Dec 11, 2021

Junkie school

Got addicted to black tar heroine.
I got addicted to black tar heroine, it's pretty cool but like my skin is falling off! I recommend any junkies in the East nuke area to head over to the school for some free heroine and I think they are also doing an offer for Crystal Meth.
This is a subjective opinion of a SchoolParrot user
Jan 3, 2021


so posh and clean, love it
St Andrews Road, KY10 3HD, Anstruther
01334 659404

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