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Jul 9, 2023

This school is too strict

The teachers are way too strict especially with this new lining up policy which makes it so we have to be escorted out to break like we are toddlers and we get 30 minute detentions for talking. This school was basically ruined by one teacher who is too strict
The toilets are disgusting as sometimes the toilets are flooded with pee and it's horrible
The toilets are also sometimes filled with litter as well
This school is way too strict and has terrible hygiene
Mar 2, 2023

Not SEND friendly - Stay clear

Do NOT send your SEND child to this school. It does not support SEND students. Their behaviour policy will make your children feel awful and worthless. Awful communication especially when advocating for your children. SENCO does not follow through with what has been agreed. The SEN profile is worthless as the teachers/ supplies pay no attention to a child’s needs. Be warned, not appropriate for Special Educational Needs.
Not neurodiverse friendly. Those who are waiting an assessment for ADHD & Autism they will not be treated fairly. It’s disgusting. Stay well clear if you want to keep your sanity
Feb 8, 2023

I love this school

Currently I go there at the moment but ik the systems are a but strict but its for a good thing bc I have a 62% up grade
Mar 13, 2022

bad school wouldn't let your child go at all

This school traumatized me a lot they forced being vegan by making us watch gruesome videos of animals getting slaughtered and showing graphic pictures the teachers where miserable as well they didn't help with my needs ( autism) at all i felt really uncomfortable there not a good place the maths teacher i had there was moody and just cussed us out no matter what even though we where the bottom set when i was getting tested for what maths and English i would be in i heard the two teachers laugh at my answers for getting it wrong and made me feel really bad and also the hygiene at that school was crap it was always dirty not a good school at all
Former Student
Jun 21, 2021


Teachers at the school were not understanding or helpful if you had a problem such as I had an issue with this girl who was spreading rumours about me and the girl cried in front of my head of year and practically said it was all my fault when I had lost a lot more than that girl and I had explained how she was treating me constantly but I was never listened to. The toilets are extremely unhygienic as well as not having essentials such as a bin for sanitary towels. Teachers constantly choosing favourites and not giving the same level of help and communication to other students. And it’s honestly not the best environment to be in. And I was there for 5 years.
Jan 1, 2021

Cannot recommend this school

Unhygienic toilets, unfair and favouring teachers. Nothing is done about bullying. I've been to 3 different schools and this is by far the worst

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