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Aug 17, 2023


My entire life I have lived in Glasgow & have 4 children that have gone to separate schools throughout Glasgow because we have moved a few times. Williamwood is an awful school some teachers/students are racist, the school does not care when your child is being bullied, they will say that they are but just talk to the students & try to shove all under the carpet. My youngest child has been bullied in this school for the past 2 years now & my wife & I have gone to this school had many many meetings and been assured that they will make things better but it never does. The teachers especially the head tell lies, they listen to you and will make all sorts of promises but do nothing. The worst environment the worst teachers the worst pupils & the worst school. Drugs, vaping & other unacceptable things take place in this school. The teachers know that the pupils have a vaping area outside school but they do nothing about it. ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL SCHOOL.
Former Student
Jul 25, 2023

Lack of welfare support for students

The school fails to take bullying seriously and allows the victim to suffer and feel at fault. The student body is not dynamic and discriminatory towards weaker/different individuals. The teachers overall are good at their job but nobody has any real interest in the individual student. Seems like there is an abundance of welfare issues underneath the surface and the pupil support teams are unaware and disengaged.
Jul 20, 2023

do not send your child here- please read

school is run by the most vile people. a was being bullied and harassed for weeks was going to teachers about it every day with them telling me they were doing stuff about it, they were not. wont go to deep into the situation but found out the school was actually praising these people to their parents rather than telling them what they had been doing to me. they lied straight to my face and swept everything under the rug. they do not care about your mental health, they will say they do and put on a big act but they really dont. they will tell you that education is important, however: they are more concerned with uniform. they care more that your shoes are black and u aren’t wearing a jumper with a hood. if you do not have your blazer they will take you out of class to literally put your name down on a piece of paper. one time i showed up to school in 27° weather without my blazer and they made everyone without a blazer (which was a lot of people) stand in this tiny corner until the bell had rang for first period (which was also the same day we were finding out our new timetable so weren’t in normal classes) they then made us sit down and took our names but even after they had taken our names they did not let us leave until they had gave us a big speech. they also would let us out of class ten mins early at lunch if we had our blazers. how does this make education the most important thing? how is it not uniform? had a bit of white on my shoes one day as my fully black ones had broken and something in the back of it had stabbed my foot so my foot was also quite sore that day, soon as i walked in got taken to another room to get given different shoes which were way to small and my shoes taken off of me. the school is run by absolute idiots to say the least. one teacher was screaming at everyone to take there jumpers off and to go to class whilst he was standing outside the only open toilets with his big north face jacket on. they are so hypocritical and selfish. honestly do not send your child to this school i actually beg u not to put your child through what i have been through with this school. i would have been staying longer in school till s6 but the school has actually ruined all chances of any more education for me and i am now leaving at the end of s4 because i physically cannot stay any longer. most days i end up wanting to scream at most people because of how backwards and stupid the school is. there is a lot more i could tell very more about what this school does but that would genuinely take hours. if anyone was thinking about sending their kid here just don’t.
Dec 28, 2022

I'm in S3 right now away Tae be in S4 next year stayin until S6

Poor skl had no COVID 19 protocols in place

Skl is pretty bad am tellin yea the school's branded top 5 best skl in sco because of how good the exams are that's lies ppl at skl do shite in their exams and get far less then expected than what the press say. Teachers dinna care about you they only care about the s6's lassies w their blue and black tartan skirt on. Detention is a proper big ane the dentition class is full every day nae one can be arsed w the skl work we need tae dae. Most o the ppl at the skl try to wear skinny's jeans, proper black like and get sent hame cos o their no skl trousers. Also this new S6 tie shit is also confusing some wear the old and but get forced tae wear the new ane tartan again style. You canny even wear trainers tae skl FFS u have Tae wear proper shoes like. Plus nae hoodie's allowded no even the plan anes w no logos on it. Your forced tae to buy a blazer and stick to wearin it every day cold, windy or hot weather but you get forced tae buy not just any style o blazer a wool which is twice the price o a polyester blazer and if in S4, S5 or S6 you need tae to get full branding which is even mare costly tae so fer S5 pupil fer a wool wi braiding yer askin about £100 and fer Polyester wi braiding yer talkin about £75. Also this skl did nutin wi COVID 19 protocols the let all Pupils pit ther COVID disposal mask on their chin or even covering their mouth but not their noses cos they canna hear what their sain and cos they said Pupils drink water a lot so you can wear yer mask on your chein so ye can drink whenever ye wanted tae. The teachers did the same wear their masks on chins cos Pupils canna hear their teachers eh head them no bother when they wore their masks up but. Eh did what others did wear ma mask on chin so why not tho. Like there pics on twitter show proof they didn't care by chinin. It had to be a blue disposable ane too no other material, black or white anes. We never got told to sanitise our hands or even wipe down our desks after every lesson. Lots of pupils and staff tested positive cos o this and this was the main excuse.
Worst skl in Clarkson only Secondary School in Clarkston
Oct 17, 2022

terrible school

terrible school
racist teachers
drug use and smoking
Former Student
Oct 8, 2022

terrible school, terrible staff

a teacher gave me racial abuse calling me a "a disabled paki immagrant" because i am in a wheelchair and furthermore i took this to the head teacher and she took a blind eye to this incident, there has also been a surge in the number of kids coming to school under the influence of illegal substances and almost half of the school is failing academically.
Sep 30, 2022

Dreadful Toxic environment

Shallow, pretentious, toxic environment
Detrimental to teenagers mental health. Grades and uniform all they care about. Headmistress a disgrace.
Dreadful school. RMPS teachers great.
They Don't treat kids as a number.
Apr 26, 2022


Schools honestly just a mess we aren’t allowed to go to the toilet there pretty much locked all the time. Most lessons are just copying stuff from a PowerPoint made 7 years ago.
Dec 6, 2020


Teachers are either great or awful, they pretend to care about bullying and equality but don’t however grades are good and there is high % of higher A’s and passes.
Eaglesham Road, G76 8RF, Clarkston
0141 577 2500

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