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Mar 17, 2024


My daughter had a poor experience at this school and is still suffering the impact of bullying when she attended. She has now left school and has poor mental health due to the trauma. She was bullied by a group of boys, 1 in particular was relentless with physical and emotional abuse towards her. When discussed with school Senior staff she was made to feel that….SHE, must improve her resilience to overcome the issue. She was put in a wellbeing class that was made up of mostly boys who had anger issues. I complained several times to the school and was made to feel that my concern and distress about this was not appreciated. My daughter started this school having had a very positive experience at Primary where she was flourishing academically and in her confidence and wellbeing. She quickly became a shell of herself and I supported her to try and speak with school which is the advice of bullying policy but it made absolutely no change. There was no consequence for negative behaviour towards her and she was made to feel it was her fault. I might add my daughter had no connection with these boys and would actively avoid them but they would seek her out in PE class and in the hallways. My daughter was well developed and mature at school and these boys seemed to target her for this. At a school that apparently teaches inclusion, equality and diversity, it seems to have been ignored. I am absolutely appalled with the support for my child at this school and would recommend speaking to education authority if you have any bullying issues as the school staff seem to be useless.
Nov 5, 2023


Great wee school often forgotten in East Renfrewshire. Fantastic school ethos and teachers which is reflected in its rapid rise up the school rankings
Jun 5, 2023

Disgusting Behaviour

The school it self is well but the real culprits and racists are the higher ups in the school such as the head teacher and a handful of year heads. I had opened up to one of the year heads about how one of their teachers treated me unfairly based on my skin colour, this happened to majority of the coloured students in this specific teacher's classroom. I was told that it would be investigated but to only realise a week later that 3 year heads and the head teacher stopped me and said that I was in major trouble for not giving in a unimportant form for this specific teachers class, they proceed to give me a disappointed look where they then ushered me to their office where they attempted to kick me out. The period that this unfolded was when I had that teachers class and the teacher asked me why I was late furiously and he wanted a very detailed explaination so I had to explain it a couple time each time being more in depth and only after I told the teacher what the head teachers said they went calm, felt like the teacher was making sure the deal went through. After going back and forth with my year head covid struck and the stress & hassle of the situation evenently became childish and a mockery. Luckily I was fortunate enough to leave the school and proceed on decent career path with or without the grades I needed but what will a student who isn't as privileged as me and education is the only way they can succeed in life. I would recommend to my non-white folks to steer clear of this school until the head teacher is fired or retires as she is the biggest racist there.
Former Student
Jan 29, 2023

Horrible school

Horrible school. I am currently a PhD student and can say this school did nothing to support my learning - they prioritise all of their support to the kids of PTA members.
Feb 24, 2021


honestly as a parent I am disappointed in how the school is providing work. My child either gets too much work from one subject and not enough from another. No online virtual classes are being provided to him except one check in from his french teacher. This is appalling, Woodfarm is leaving pupils stranded on their own left with a big pile of work and then send emails and phone calls because my child can’t complete the work. They say that they are sending these emails because they are worried about the children but in reality they are just worried if my child is completing their 5000 assignments from the same subject on time. On Tuesday there was meant to be a mental health break from classes but there really wasn’t, many teachers where posting work that was meant to be done on tuesday and the “mental health break” was just one period away that did nothing.
Nov 17, 2020

Community spirit

Woodfarm is a great school and a lovely community. But has been hit hard with Covid-19 because of the strong bond between pupils and staff it’s hard for teachers to comply with rules. They are doing the best that they can 2 meters in the lunch hall and masks in classrooms. There is always wipes and hand sanitizer available in every classroom. The school is colder than ushal but I have no problems about that !
Nov 14, 2020

Woodfarm High School- Review

Since Covid 19 has hit the school it's been terrible. Classrooms and school are freezing as the teachers must follow the guidelines and keep all windows and doors open. It's terrible and hard to concentrate as you are basically shivering. You cant even ask teachers questions properly as there is a 2m distance. Schools should shut down and home learn as you are basically have to ask questions to your teacher over an app which is possible at home where you are safe and not putting yourself at risk. 🙄
Robslee Road, G46 7HG, Thornliebank
0141 577 2600

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