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Based on 7 reviews and 119 answers
Former Student
Oct 9, 2021

Good school

I liked this school, teachers helped me whenever i was struggling and stuff like inclusion and well-being were really helpful, be prepared for a kinda long wait for wellbeing but i think they have added an appointment schedule which rlly helps, food is bad but other than that i enjoyed the school and was rarely picked on or anything
Jul 19, 2021


Rubbish whymondham high

Rubbish schools some Teachers horrible some nice
Jul 9, 2021

Business studies

Could be better..

They never help with bulling i have been bullied since year 7 and im now in year 10.one of the teachers called me a disappointment because i failed there class . They need to give us more motivation instead of stressing us out
Former Student
Jul 4, 2021

Bad leadership

I don't understand how a school can have such amazing teachers, yet be such a horrible place. There is something seriously wrong with the schools leadership - the expectations and rules are ridiculous and unattainable, they just end up making you feel like you're not good enough.

Bullying is a huge problem to the point where it's ignored by the leadership. They pander to the bullies and disruptive kids by rewarding them for expected behaviour - "you showed up on time? have a positive point!" - then they leave all the students with consistently good behaviour with no recognition.

The highlight of my time at Wymondham High was definitely being bullied and belittled by an anti-bullying ambassador. Because there's nothing quite like feeling trapped, knowing that no one will believe or help you!

The grades are another story. The pressure put on you is ridiculous. I remember when I started year 10 and the headmaster showed us a graph of Wymondham Highs grades against other schools in the area, he boasted about how great it is and then told us that it's on us to maintain this high standard. This would be acceptable in a grammar or private school but in mainstream school, where a large portion of the kids aren't academic, this pressure is unfair. I felt like I was treated as a grade on a spreadsheet, not a person. The school don't care about any non-academic achiements, unless, of course, you're one of the best at something - just prepare to have the pressure to maintain your status added onto the pressure to get the best grades.

If you attend some kind of 'open evening', you will probably be quite impressed about the school bragging about the inclusivity and charitable events that take place. Don't let this fool you. Non school uniform days (aka, an easy way to raise a grand for charity) were banned for no good reason. The LGBTQ+ group was axed due to 'insufficent funding' - despite them receiving no budget in the first place. I can probably count the number of non-white students on my hands.

God forbid you experience any kind of mental health problems. The wellbeing team (who go above and beyond, and are easily the best part of the school) are so underfunded that it's impossible for them to reach all the students that need help. Just prepare for a huge waiting list and an appointment a month because, due to the schools tight pursestrings, that's all you can be offered.

How this school maintains its reputation remains a mystery to me, any achievements you hear of come at the expense of the students. They're either
getting good grades, but overworked and miserable - or getting average grades, and made to feel inadequate.
Nov 15, 2020


It stresses me out so much,saying that if you don’t do this you will fail I’m. Year 10 yes it’s supposed to be harder but there are times where the teachers have put me down so much I struggle and struggle to do my homework
Aug 28, 2020

Wymondham High review

It's all about what they want you to learn rather than what you need to like money, housing etc, bullying is never sorted out and is just shrugged away until a fight breaks out and then the victim is in the wrong, the teachers arent as strict as they need to be to sort it all out
Aug 28, 2020

Help stop the bullying

It’s a good school except they don’t do much with the bulling

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