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Former Student
Aug 13, 2023

My perspective

Former student here. Here’s my perspective for any parents who need it. (Mostly based off personal experience)

Positive things about Carrant brook Junior school:
-A lot of the teachers are fairly nice.
-there are a wide range of activities for break times and lunchtimes (e.g, a trim trail, skipping ropes, tires, etc.)
-the staff here encourage students to have a passion for reading

Negative things about carrant brook junior school:
-If you fall out with your friend or do something bad you get told off (basically humiliated) in front of the entire class.
-Head teacher is WAY too strict.
- Music lessons are extremely boring.
-food is not that great
-one time in 2018 i did the maths wrong by accident and the teacher shouted at me and sent me to a different room to work it out by myself (she sent in my friend to help me afterwards but doing that first part just wasn’t necessary lol)

And this next one is rlly long because this is something that really requires improvement. (This one is solely based off personal experience)

Students with undiagnosed autism / adhd or other SEN don’t get the right support at all. Like for example, a parent could inform the school about the child’s needs while waiting for a diagnosis. But the school just blames the parents and says it’s their fault.

When I went to school here, the majority of the time, Instead of getting me in a better place, they accused me of being silly, said I couldn’t be bothered or put no effort in at times, and called me a liar at times as well. My parents told them about me but the school completely ignored them. This got so bad to the point where in year 6 I developed some serious mental health issues and had REALLY poor attendance because I was terrified to go into school. I have heard others say they had the same problem.

PLEASE, for the love of god, be more open minded if a child if they are showing symptoms of Autism / ADHD / other disorders. Please listen to them and try to help them, give them proper resources instead of dismissing it as being rude or over dramatic, because doing this can lead to other mental disorders.

Overall this school gets 2 stars. Whoever is in charge of this school needs to make some SERIOUS improvements because right now it just isn’t good enough.
Former Student
Jun 17, 2023

The headmistress

This will be a short review but when I was there the headmistress was rude and shouted at people for everything and I hope she's been fired since then.
Hardwick Bank Road, GL20 8RP, Tewkesbury

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