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Feb 27, 2022


The only good thing about the school is the few nice members of the staff but the rest of the school is an absolute joke they have absolutely no care for mental health and literally implement Victorian prison rules. There is absolutely no talking allowed whatsoever and if you even turn around you are given a detention. They now lock the toilets for the majority of the day which is ridiculously inhuman and ableist I’ve seen kids crying over not being able to use the bathrooms as they have disabilities that require they do and they staff haven’t cared at all and just told them to wait. If your pen runs out instead detention and the new rule system isn’t affecting those who it should it just puts unneeded pressure on those who it should since anyone who was already getting detentions doesn’t care but good students are crying and getting scared about receiving them for ridiculous stuff such as too many earrings or wearing a bracelet or losing their pen and god forbid you look at someone during a lesson or if your struggling even after the teacher has tried to help then you’ll get into so much trouble. This school is destroying students well being and in general mental health this school is creating insecure scared worried anxious people not innovative creative confident people. And not to mention that women they call the headteacher she is indescribably horrid to the students I have witnessed multiple times her aggressively approaching upset students and instead of helping telling them to suck it up and instead of making students feel appreciated and like their needs are important she will just tell you that there are 900 other students and that she’s too busy, which just makes kids feel like burdens by the ‘professional’ that are meant to be running a place to make kids feel their happiest and most motivated to help their futures. Tdms is sabotaging kids.
Former Student
Feb 10, 2022

Horrible school

Really bad, left after a week
Former Student
Nov 30, 2021

Unsatisfactory establishment

My time at this establishment was cut short due it being very poor. After leaving, they joined an academy trust and oh wow it has got worse. They seem to think taking more pride in how people's uniforms look and how work is presented is more important than your quality of work. Yes, don't get me wrong, that is incredibly important but when it gets to the point that it is all they care about, it gets ridiculous.

This is what they have at the start of their Powerpoints on lessons:
1. Follow every instruction first time
2. Make sure your presentation is PERFECT
3. Do not talk out of turn

This sounds like something they would have in the victorian era! I understand that things like these are important but on the other hand, using words like "first time" and "perfect" is a little extreme and can make students feel like they need to be perfect or they are naughty and a failure. They should have worded these rules differently.

My last point is that the pastoral care is poor.

Overall, unsatisfactory school which should look outside the box and listen to the students more when trying to improve.
May 23, 2021

rubbish school

I think this is a rubbish school. They care too much about the uniform and they don’t care about mental health. Wouldn’t send kids here
Nov 2, 2020

A good school

They have had a really good system in place to keep people safe in the covid 19 pandemic they are doing there best.
Former Student
Oct 2, 2020

The hidden truth

Great teachers, such a terribly organised system and so little care or safety. no real attention paid to student lives and PSHE scrapped. an untucked shirt is a worse issue than a knife
Oct 2, 2020

Utter jokes

Lessons are absolute jokes, teachers are just mocking it, students couldn’t give less of a shite and the legend members of staff don’t believe in lgbtq and support male superiority

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