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Mar 26, 2023

do not go here

please do not send ur child here!! this school has mentally drained me. the teachers and the pupils are no good for anyone
Nov 15, 2022

Year 10 student review

- Great learning facilities and staff. (Swimming pool, music block)
- Always someone to talk to about problems.
- Very multicultural.
- Starts GCSE options in year 9 (this means an extra year to study unlike most schools that start in year 10).
- Respect for all policy.
- Deal with issues effectively.
- Large 6th form centre
- 6th form size is small, allows a more personal learning experience.
-Prayer room
-accepts people of all faiths/religion.
Oct 22, 2022

Awful school do not send children there

constant bullying that is never dealt with properly, the students are terrible people.
Sep 8, 2022


never go here unless you want a bad education
Mike Hunt
Apr 3, 2022

Honest review, from a current student

This school is an awful school full of scummy, bullies and obismal teachers . I am a student here and I have experience bullying due to my sexuality, and had friends bullied for theirs. Secondly the teachers are some of the most draining, incompetent teachers ever, many times some have said "i can't be bothered to teach today" and tried to get other teachers, who may I add are teaching, to try to teacher their class. Teachers have also left people to get bullied because they like the student who is bullying more then the student being bullied. One example is a friend of mine who wad threatened to be beaten up after school, and told the school. But the school did nothing, because the head of year incharge liked the bully more than the victim. He had to leave the school, and can nolonger get a full education. Do not go to this school/ let your child go there. It will ruin their teenage years, and they will learn very little
Dec 6, 2021

Poor learning atmosphere, NEVER go there

Sad and depleting. Lessons are extremely disrupted and people are completely out of discipline, couldn't hear anything on some lessons. Some play computer games in class and others eat, some yelling and the teacher seem to do nothing to stop. Don't go to this school, very poor and will ruin your future
Former Student
Oct 4, 2020

Do Not Attend

Horrible School with disastrous teaching staff
Sep 26, 2020

Never Go here

Horrible school with disgusting students, i have been attacked by multiple of your students in the steets

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