What is SchoolParrot?

SchoolParrot, a review platform for schools.
Girl studying
Girl studying

Students, parents and teacher can now review their school anonymously at schoolparrot.co.uk. From Pre-school, primary school, secondary, collage, university and other private schools. All Schools are welcome at SchoolParrot. We have done our best to populate all schools. If there are any schools missing please contact us and we can publish it right away, for free.

Why is this important?

Schools is the foundation to our society, an educated population will together build a stronger community and environment for all people. Transparency and credibility in all directions within the school community will help schools get better but also give valuable feedback to parents, students and teachers. Not to forget, in the right context, controlled environment online - at Schoolparrot.co.uk, a dedicated school platform.

How to use SchoolParroot

You can always leave a review for others to read or just read reviews of the schools you are interested in. You can also apply interest to a school very easy with our applications form, note that you need to receive an answer from the school. Think about a student that is about to choose school. This person wants to know what other think. A review is sometimes the most accurate answer you will get. Many reviews at one school is even better. 

SchoolParrots algorithms calculates the right overall score but also a score per questions being answered.

SchoolParrot for schools

SchoolParrot for Schools is great platform with many functions for the school itself to utilize. One of the most important things about reviews is to start validating them. Using SchoolParrot platform you can invite students, parents and staff to get real validated reviews. This will show on each reviews, it gives even a higher trust value. SchoolParrot makes it possible to create that recommendation (reviews) direcly from the source itself, the parents or the student for example.

Schools can also analyze data and compare themselves in realtime in many ways.

If you are a staff member, principal or marketing role at the school do not hasitate to contact us here: https://www.schoolparrot.co.uk/about/contact-us